5 Simple Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location Undetectable


How to Track a Cell Phone Location:- With the advent of technology and communication devices, everyone has their personal stuff on social media accounts. Millions of people collaborate with each other and share images. People share their check-ins at different locations so that their friend circle gets informed of their location.

The global world is growing very fast. Children below 15 have their personal communication devices and they hang out with their friends all the time. Parents are getting worried about their children as online scammers are looking for prey round the clock. Keeping track of employees is also a big deal as you must know when they come and leave the office.

People in relationships are getting anxious if their spouse chats on her cell phone all the time. And if she is getting ready to go out. To help you get rid of these troubles. Here is a spying solution which helps you to track the location of your loved ones. You can keep an eye on them and ensure their safety.

Is Tracking a Cell Phone Location Possible?

The simple and easy answer to this question is Yes! You can track any Android or iOS device without informing the owner of the target phone. You can easily access their real-time location and monitor them on Google maps.

The convenient way of tracking someone was followed by trying on their Phone location. But if they turn it off, tracking them is not a cup of tea anymore. The latest tracking application helps you to relieve these issues and keep an eye on your loved ones round the clock.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location

No one gets a clue being monitored with installation of online phone trackers. You can spy on your kids, spouse and employees’ phone location without being noticed. The phone monitoring application works secretly just like a virtual spying agent.

  1. Minspy- Virtual Cell Phone Location Tracker

In the market of spying applications. Minspy is one of the most downloaded applications as millions of users rely on it for spying purposes. Register your Minspy account first to use Minspy to track a cell phone location. It comes up with a powerful GPS tracker that is used to track any device either Android or iOS.

Track a Cell Phone Location

Many international channels such as The New York Times, PC World, BBC and Newsweek have recommended Minspy. It is one of the top-reputed monitoring application. It is a secret mobile phone location tracker that works discreetly without compromising user privacy. Personal details are not recorded on Minspy servers so that you can monitor anyone safely.

Track Anyone Remotely with Minspy

With the help of Minspy, you can track anyone remotely by using a web browser. The Minspy dashboard includes real-time location updates and it works in a stealth mode for safe monitoring. The discreet working mechanism of Minspy helps you to track anyone without them knowing it.

how to Track a Cell Phone Location

The Android version of Minspy does not halt other processes. It takes only 2MB storage space so that the user can not notice its existence. Once the application is installed on the target device. The logo hides and it could not be viewed in the installed applications list as well.

Geofence alerts for creating a virtual boundary

You can also use Geofence alerts so that if the target device crosses the specified boundary, you will be informed shortly. It makes a virtual zone for the target device and if the user leaves that zone. Minspy informs you shortly with automated alerts so that you can keep an eye on your close ones.

how to Track a Cell Phone Location

Geofence should be enabled for critical areas such as home, school, employee’s workplace and the office of your partner. When they come out of these boundaries, Minspy will generate an automatic notification.

Install Minspy and start Tracking Remotely

It is a matter of minutes to install Minspy and start spying anyone without being noticed. Get a laptop or smartphone with an active internet connection. And start monitoring via Minspy. You don’t need any technical skills for doing so.

Step 1:  Login/Sign

Sign up to your Minspy account from the official website. Make sure that you have a valid email address

Step 2: Select device type and package

Select the device type you want to monitor. For Android devices, you must install Minspy by accessing the device once. However, the remote installation of Minspy is available for iOS devices using iCloud credentials.

Choose a monthly subscription package according to your requirements. For single device tracking, the Premium plan does the job perfectly and if you want to track multiple devices, you should select Family Plan.

Step 3: Install Minspy

Download the Minspy application and follow the onscreen instructions. Give the relevant permissions for target device tracking and finish the installation process by closing the setup wizard.

Step 4: Start Tracking

Once done, Minspy synchronizes device’s location-related records. It will enable the view from the Minspy dashboard. All the user activities could be tracked from the Minspy web-based dashboard.

Track real-time GPS location with Minspy

Minspy helps you to locate anyone using Google maps. The featured tracking services of Minspy include:

  • 3D Street View

The 3D street Google feature is integrated with Minspy. You can view the current location of any devices as well as their nearby streets and buildings.

  • Track Real-time Location

Following your loved-ones, the real-time location has made it easier with Minspy. You can check their movement on Google Maps by using the online dashboard of Minspy.

  • Check Timestamps

The location visited by the target device comes up with a time and date entry. Anonymously, you can check the exact location, time, and date of the target device.

  • View Past check-ins

You can also check the locations the target device has visited in the past. The exact address, city, state, and other details could be acquired with the help of Minspy.

  1. Spyic,

It is a well-reputed remote monitoring application as you can track anyone’s real-time location without them knowing it. Spyic promises privacy protection as your personal details are never recorded.

It is a root-free solution. Hence, the past data of the target device remain intact. You are safe from malicious attacks. With built-in virus protection the device remain secure. Spyic is a trustworthy and reliable monitoring solution to track real-time location.

  1. Spyier

Tracking someone’s mobile location has become easier with Spyier. You can track all handheld devices without any technical knowledge. Tracking iOS devices is a remote process as you don’t have to access the device physically.

For Spyier installation you can use iCloud credential. Due to the least storage space and fast execution speed of Spyier also it does not drain the battery.

  1. Cocospy

Cocospy is a root free solution for tracking any smartphone or iOS device. All you have to do is install Cocospy and the remote tracking begins. Targeted mobile user will not receive details about activities.

You can monitor the real-time location of anyone as well as the past locations they have checked in the past. Cocospy has made remote-tracking possible 24/7 without any technical knowledge.

  1. Spyine

Spyine is one of the most used remote location tracking application. It helps you to track a cell phone location whereas the owner is unaware of all these monitoring activities and your identity remains hidden.

The activities of target users are recorded on Spyine online dashboard and you can access them anywhere, anytime. Spyine uses Google maps so that you can track anyone effortlessly.

This is the tutorial about How to Track a Cell Phone Location.