How To Trace Mobile Number in India


How to Trace Mobile Number in India:- Most of us get calls on our mobile from some unknown numbers. They could be prank calls as well. How to trace mobile number or its owner? You may be under the impression that it is practically not possible to locate a mobile number except through a complaint to the telecom operator. Not necessarily there are certain websites to help you out in finding a caller and his/her name. This article deals with the topic of how to trace a mobile location in India.

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How to trace mobile number in India?

Trace Mobile Number-In-India

It is quite easy to find the location of a mobile number. Several free websites help you trace Indian mobile numbers. The sites let you know the location and name of the owner of a particular mobile number in just under a few seconds. Determining the location of a mobile number may not be an easy task. Several sites claim to be able to do this.

You can go through the following services if you want to track the mobile numbers that may be bothering you too much. We list out a few significant ways with which you can easily trace mobile numbers in India. The sites listed here should be able to help you out with your task.

#1. Mobile Number Tracker

It has been considered to be the number one service when you want to trace a mobile number in India. They offer you a huge range of services to find the location and in most cases the name of the owner of the number.

The website has many other services in addition to tracing the mobile numbers. They can also find the location of the bulk SMS senders. If you want to know the STD and ISD codes of any place in India or elsewhere, Mobile Number Tracker is the best option you can expect.

Mobile Number Tracker is one of the best options for tracing mobile numbers or phone numbers. The website works quite efficiently and is secure. You can use it across any platform. Access it by visiting the site.

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#2. Bharatiya Mobile

The service is best suited for tracking Indian mobile numbers and their location. However, the site will let you know the location of the phone number alone. In most cases, you may not be able to get the name of the owner.

Bharatiya Mobile can also be used to search for ISD and STD codes. The service works by means of reverse lookup technology. The service is also capable of helping you find IP addresses and Google page rank as well.

Visit to get more details.

#3. Truecaller

It seems like Truecaller to be an official means of tracing a mobile or landline number. The service will provide you with the most authentic results when you search for a mobile number or even a landline number.

Truecaller works on the basis of crowdsourcing. That would mean, the service will collect the data that has been saved by its users on their mobile phones. The contacts stored in the user’s contact database will be used as the basis for the contact database on the service. That would mean some of the contacts may not appear exactly as they appear in the official records. If a particular number is recorded by most members as Raja by most of the Truecaller members, while the real name of the contact is Rajashekhar searching for that number on Truecaller will most likely offer you a result as Raja.

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In any case, though such occasions could be relatively rare. Truecaller can be a perfect choice for looking for a contact number. You can download the Truecaller app on your Android or iOS device and get real-time information about the unknown numbers. Alternatively, you can also use the web version on on your desktop.

#4. Tracker

This is yet another service that can be used to trace a mobile number. It works similar to the first two services indicated above.

Unlike the two of the services listed above, Tracker will also provide you with the details of the longitude and latitude of the location of your tracked number. There is a catch, though. Most of these services do not identify the exact location of the number being searched. The service will only let you know the location by region.

The Tracker service can be quite helpful if you are getting too many missed calls from a particular number. The site claims that it does not store the details on its servers and thus is secure.

Get in touch with the service on the link

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, there are no sure shot ways to find the exact details of the mobile number. Though several websites claim to provide you exact location details of the number being searched, you need to take those claims with a pinch of salt. Even the most accurate service  Truecaller cannot provide you with the exact location details.

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What would you think about the methods featured here about how to trace the location of a mobile number in India? Which apps or services do you use for locating and tracking the unknown numbers you receive frequent calls from? Do share your views and opinions with us. We will be more than happy if you share any better alternatives to locate the exact details about a mobile number.


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