Top Tools to Make You a Search Guru


Today, we’re lucky enough to have the internet provide us with a way to find any kind of information right at our fingertips. Whether you’re researching something for school, looking for a new job, or want to decide on the best place to visit for your next vacation, chances are that going online will be the first thing that you do. But sometimes, information can be more difficult to find. For example, if you want to find out if a neighbor has a criminal record or figure out who’s nuisance calling you every other day, a quick search might not always be the best way to find out. So, what are some tools that you can use to become a search guru?

Social Media:

Social media sites are an excellent way to find out more about a person. If you know somebody’s name and want to get more information on them, it’s well worth looking on sites like Facebook to see if they have any useful information publicly available, such as where they work, their contact number or email address, or who their family members are. Social media can be useful if you are an employer as it allows you to verify that somebody is who they say they are when you get their resume.


Nuwber is an excellent people search tool that allows you to find information about people that Google might not bring up. If you keep getting prank calls and want to know who is behind them, for example, all you need to do is enter the number into this site, hit the search button and you’ll find who the owner of the number is. It can also be useful for keeping your kids safe if you are concerned that your child is texting with somebody that you don’t know and want to find out exactly who they are. Or if you’re dating somebody new, you can use Nuwber to bring up any records that they might not be telling you about such as past arrest or even criminal records.

Reverse Image Search:

Have you ever been contacted by somebody online and have had a funny feeling that they might just not be telling you the truth about their identity? It can be all too easy to fall foul to online scams with many sophisticated scammers appearing to be real and genuine people. A reverse image search can be an ideal tool in helping you determine if the person that you’re speaking to is actually who they say they are. Simply save the picture of them and upload it to the reverse image tool and it’ll bring up everywhere else it appears on the web. If it’s a stock image or has been randomly pulled off a site, you can usually expect the person you’re talking with to be hiding something.


Last but not least, the most widely used search tool of all is Google, but are you using it to its full potential? Most people just type a few keywords into the search bar, pick a suggested search term that closely matches what they are looking for, and sees what comes up. However, you can get more out of Google by refining your search terms and if you’re looking for specific information about a person, it’s worth entering as much information as you have into the search bar.


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