Top Five Games Like Civilization


Cool Games Like Civilization:- Are you a die-hard fan of the game of civilization? If you are someone who is looking for games like civilization, you have hit the right place. We have a good collection of turn-based and real-time strategy games that would give you a feeling of playing a game like civilization. The turn-based strategy games have been on the decline these days. Even then, Civilisation has held on to the legacy and treated as one of the best in its genre.

However, the fact remains that there are several other compelling alternatives to the game of Civilisation that look to keep up the legacy. We will list out the Top Five Games like Civilisation in the following paragraphs.

Games Like Civilisation – A Top Five List

We have compiled this list of games like civilization after putting in as much hard work that we could. Some of the games on this list are comparable to the latest version of the game of civilization, while some are dependent upon the earlier versions of the game.

#1. Endless Legend

The game is a brain child of Amplitude Studios. Endless Legend was produced in 2014 and has been widely received by gamers and critics alike.

Games like civilisation

It is a game that fits in a perfect amalgamation of both fantasy and science fiction. The game offers you a good deal of customization options. It has been made available in several versions like Endless Legend Emperor Edition. It has gone so popular that it has introduced a plethora of Endless Legend mods.

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You can get the game on Steam. It comes with expansion packs released almost on a periodical basis.

#2. Galactic Civilisations

Galactic Civilisation is a game series that has every similarity to games like civilization. The game has recently offered the third installment of its all-time popular game through Galactic Civilisations 3.

Games like Civilization

The game excels with its high-end customization options and an excellent AI experience that it offers you. The aim of the game would be to win over the entire galaxy through different means – either by war, cultural ties, technological advancement, or diplomatic achievements. It does not come with any multiplayer mode which can be a concern for a few gamers.

But, since it works on sandbox styled gameplay and depends upon campaign strategies, the lack of multiplayer gaming may not be something you will miss.

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Galactic Civilisations offers many in-game events that help you make unique strategies. Your decisions you make a grant to points – either benevolent or malevolent traits and it would be dependent on the strategy you employ. You can get the game from Stardock Store and Steam.

#3. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri – SMAC

The game has a science fiction setting that a fan of Civilisation games has always been familiar with. A search for civilization games would not be complete without mentioning Sid Meier’s’ Alpha Centauri.

Games like Civilization

What makes it the best alternative to Civilisation is the fact that it resembles the game in many respects. It has a setting with a similar story making it the best among the games like civilization. If the Civilisation is a game that takes place on the ground, SMAC takes the action to space. If you are familiar enough with Civilisation, you would gel well easily with SMAC.

The game may appear a little out of date with its graphics, but still, Civilisation fans will love the game for the familiarity with the gameplay and strategies. If you are looking for a great 4X strategy game, download Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri today. Get hold of the game and the expansion packs from GOG.

#4. Master Of Orion

Master of Orion is a predecessor of Civilisation. In fact, the game is the pioneer who started off the 4X genre. Launched in 1993, it has practically brought the concept that Civilisation moved ahead.

Games like Civilization

Similar to Galactic Civilisations, the action takes place in the galaxy. You fight with the computer artificial intelligence for the domination of the Galaxy. What makes it even better is the fact that it does not depend upon warfare. The game offers you the resolution to the game both through eliminating all the enemies or by means of diplomatic resolutions.

Master of Orion has brought up several sequels like Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars to strengthen its portfolio. You can get to have a taste of it on GOG.

#5. Anno Franchise

Anno is the large collection of games that are based on the theme that Civilisation thrives upon. It has spread all its games set across multiple sections of time.

Games like Civilization

Yes, you heard it right. The Anno Franchise comes with games that are set in the medieval times to the modern days. In fact, they also have games that run into the future as well. The strategy remains equivalent to the game of Civilisation. You are expected to build up civilizations. Build cities, establish the structure, develop the technologies, and build an army to attack your enemies.

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The game focusses more on the economy rather than on attack. This can be something that die-hard fans of games like Civilisation would be happy with.

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The Parting Thoughts

Civilization is a game that changed the face of 4X strategy games. If you are looking for a game that is more like Civilisation in its strategy, game play, or other aspects, we would assume that our top five picks do justice to the concept. Civilization is indeed the best game in its genre, however, the games included in our top five picks featured here are not bad either.

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If we think we have missed any of the games like Civilization that deserve to be featured here, do share your opinions with us. Your feedback will let us improve the horizons of our knowledge.