Top 8 Apps and Tools to Help you Write your Essays


Apps and Tools to Help you Write your Essays:- Ask many students what their biggest worries about college and it might be about college homework. Not just essay writing alone, but the tons of other homework they get on a daily basis. But easy writing seems to be one of the most challenging of them all. The reason is that not all students are good at essay writing. Many are below average. But thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have various tools and apps that make essay writing a breeze. Let’s go through them one after the other.


One of the most challenging areas of essay writing is reference. After conducting research, you need to follow the referencing style stipulated in the instructions. But why is referencing that important? It would make your argument valid in away. Want to know what are Alphanumeric Characters?

Referencing also shows readers and your grader that you have done proper research and know what you are writing. But to most of the readers, it doesn’t matter if your referencing isn’t accurate. However, accuracy in this area of your essay is a big deal to whoever will grade your paper.

RefME will help you get your citation right. Whether you are using APA, MLA, or Harvard, this tool will help put an end to referencing page mistakes. Just plug in the required information, and that’s it. The app will do the needful.


If you are a college student that wants to improve on essay writing and general school work, you are inevitably going to need this tool. It is one of the most versatile and popular apps out there. And it can help you organize the numerous ideas in your hand, as well as your notes, accordingly.

Evernote is not only suitable for personal use or some less complicated homework. You can use it for a higher project like your thesis or research paper writing. It comes in handy for managing such complex tasks. You can also save web resources and articles for later use whenever you are in haste and can’t read them at the moment.


Distraction remains one of the factors that can make essay writing more challenging and time-consuming. The reason is that one needs total focus when writing. Once you lose focus, it can be tough to remember or continue with the same original idea. People as questions such as what is Removable Discontinuity?

Many things can act as distracters, not just classmates, families, or friends. Social media has become the number one distracter. Once students become addicted, they won’t mind checking their various social media platforms even though they are working on a tight deadline or not.

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That’s where tools like FocusWriter are relevant. It will help reduce the distractions by allowing you to write without worrying about the diverse clutter or apps on the screen of your computer system.


If you are hearing the name Grammarly for the first time, then it’s obvious you have been wasting time editing your paper manually. Not that manual editing is not ideal. But it would make you spend more time on a single assignment when you have loads of work to do. Again, you may not spot most of the errors due to parallax. It happens most of the time. Want to know about bass clef notes, check out what is Bass Clef Notes?

However, Grammarly not only makes editing simple and less time-consuming. It will also help to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. You can install the app or the web-based application, as they are the same. This tool will help edit errors such as spelling mistakes, punctuation, overused words, passive voices, and even detect plagiarism. You will also receive useful suggestions that will improve your essay writing skills.


The more materials you have on the subject, the more informative your essay is likely going to be. But there are journals you cannot find free with simple internet searches. That’s where a tool like JSTOR is vital for every student.

JSTOR is a robust online archive. In other words, it stores various academic books and journals that might be relevant for the paper you are writing. But make no mistake, JSTOR isn’t a free tool. You have to pay to have full access to the materials on the platform. But if your school has a paid subscription, then you can use it once you have the credentials.

Google Timer

It is quite difficult for most people to sit down and write for hours. Many cannot concentrate on one paper for an extended period, even when they have distracting websites blocked. If you are one such person, a time management tool will go a long way in helping you stay focus.

Google Timer is a great time management tool you can use. Just break complex tasks into smaller units and allocate the number of hours you plan to finish them. With this tool, your focus will increase drastically, and you might get more done in a little time. But you have to discipline yourself for this to work.


Do you find yourself struggling to use the right words when writing? It happens to many students and writers, not just you. You have an idea of what to say but cannot remember the best way to have it written down. If it does happen to you, then Thesaurus can help you develop your vocabulary.

You can use Thesaurus to check words with the same or different meaning to what you have already written down. But make sure that any word you pick conveys your thought and maintains the originality of your paper. The tool is also free to use.

If you are having challenges getting your ideas together, then try Just like sharing your writing ideas with professionals on, will make it easier for you to brainstorm and also create a map for the ideas generated.

This tool makes the brainstorming process a breeze. Plus you can also get your ideas together without stress, using customized bubble color, hyperlinks, formatting, and text size. The site is also free to access to use.



You can make essay writing a breeze with these tools. They all have a simple interface that even a non-techie can operate. You don’t have to struggle to write an impressive paper anymore. There are myriads of tools developed to make the process more straightforward than it used to be. So take advantage of these tools to craft an outstanding paper that will boost your grade.