Top 6 Cool Live Wallpapers Poll of the Day – Android Live


Live wallpapers actually add life to your still home screen backgrounds and are fun to look at. These cool live wallpapers are interactive so you can even enjoy some of the interactive features on the go. This, you need not go into an app to check it out and can do so from the home screen itself. There are a lot of new wallpaper apps that offer you a variety of live wallpapers. While some of these may be based on nature as others could be abstract. Then some are based upon innovative ideas. And yes, most of these live wallpapers have aesthetically pleasing looks. Listed below are the new wallpaper apps that you might like. We assure you that most of these apps are worth a try.

Live Wallpapers For Your Android

1. Fracta Live Wallpaper

This is one of the cool live wallpaper with a theme based on the shapes. It provides colorful polygonal landscape tilts that move across your phone screen. Each of these scrolls or tilts creates a beautiful 3D perspective shift which, however, sometimes can be distracting.

Live wallpapers
Cool Live Wallpapers – Fractal Live Wallpapers

There are 4 built-in themes. The app even has an option where you can choose your own colors and looks. If you find the app to your liking, you can even upgrade to the Pro version which has 20 themes. The Pro version gives you access to the Randomize feature so that you can create an infinite number of new themes on your device. With the pro version, you can use pictures from your phone as a root for the collection of color. That way you can give a personal touch to the Live wallpapers on your phone.

2. Mountains Now Free Wallpaper

These cool live wallpapers seem to have been inspired by Google Now Mountains theme, which features an upriver journey of boats that are traveling on your screen, along with the rocky mountain surfaces.

The rendering technology used here makes it breathtakingly beautiful. The wallpaper is based on the 3D Parallax effect, and that probably explains why it is so life-like. Moreover, it even supports multiple Screens as well as Tablet support and has been created with high-performance OpenGL graphics rendering. If you want to use it, you have to install it from Google Play Store. Once done, go to Home screen, select the Menu option, then select wallpapers, and now select live wallpapers. If you want to have full mountain experience with this wallpaper you need to make sure that your device is equipped with a gyroscope.

3. Awesome-Land: Beautiful Nature Live Wallpapers

This natural wallpaper is especially for those who have a penchant for an experience with nature. It has a tree theme that you can change by double-tapping.

It comes with 11 appealing and natural wallpapers with the natural tree theme. There are plenty of other themes to choose from but a few are available only on the Pro version. The live wallpaper gives you a choice to select the Particle Flow Style. You can even control the birds flying on top of the tree, isn’t it cool? It also supports automatic theme change in intervals so that you don’t have to manually make the changes and can have new land to look at each time you have a glance at your screen. And yes, all the themes are HD.

4. Stalker Cat Wallpaper

This can be a thoughtful and unique idea and fun too. You have a somewhat interactive cat on your phone.

Live wallpapers
Cool Live Wallpapers – Stalker Cat

The wallpaper has indeed earned its place in this list solely because of its uniqueness. This stalker cat will pop up at random locations along the edges of the screen of your smartphone and gets all smug if he thinks you haven’t detected him. The cat has mesmerizing eyes and color making him somewhat enchanting. The dark-themed stalker cat wallpaper is quite charming and it looks pretty cool behind all the icons.

5. Paperland Live Wallpaper

For those of you who love creative ideas, this wallpaper could be a fascinating addition to your live wallpaper collection.

Live wallpapers
Cool Live Wallpapers – Paperland Live Wallpaper

It provides fantastic paper cut-outs landscape scrolls that are displayed on your phone screen. You can choose a fixed time of day to be displayed or you can let the sun and the moon rise as per the real world around you. The wallpaper is powered by AccuWeather and lets you know the live local weather. it also includes an interactive billboard that supports global, hourly, and accurate conditions, so that users who are interested in knowing about the live weather can do so without having to pay any additional charges. The free versions let you choose from the default grassy theme, the Silent Night, or Desert Migration or you can decide to go Pro and get more themes.

6. VideoWall – Video Wallpaper

You can now add a video as your wallpaper. You can select the starting and endpoints so that only that part of the video you choose will play as the wallpaper instead of the whole video.

Live wallpapers
Cool Live Wallpapers – Videowall Live Wallpapers

It can be set in three simple steps. Just download this wallpaper and launch it. Next, long-press on your home screen and select live Wallpapers. Now choose the Amazing VideoWall option. You can now choose a video from your gallery application. You just have to share your video and select VideoWall. The steps involved are easy and simple to follow.

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We have seen some really good live wallpapers, most of these are top cool live wallpapers and you can find all of them on Google Play Store. The best part is all these are free to download. You can purchase the Pro version if you want access to more features. These will definitely make your home screen more interesting to you. You can keep on changing them with the variety of options available to you. No need to be bored with the same static wallpaper on your screen now. So, go for the live wallpapers and enjoy your time with them.