Top 5 Wi-Fi Analyser for Windows In 2020


The problem with Wi-Fi is that it can be obstructed by physical obstructions like a thick wall and the strength of the signal is also dependent on the electronic interference. In such a case, you need to find the right spot at your place where you receive good Wi-Fi strength or the better option is that you can reposition your router.

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Best Wi-Fi Analyser Software’s

To reposition the router, you can analyse the Wi-Fi signals on your laptop and if your laptop is running on Windows then the article is for you as which are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Wi-Fi Info View

The list begins with Wi-Fi Info View and this application is for the people who need a lot of information. The software displays the signal strength along with the minimum and maximum signal quality. You can also get to know the Network Name, Mac Address, Frequency and Channel Number with help of the software. The application not only lets you check the detailed data but the application can also display the summary of the data which makes it easy to understand the data.

Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows

Next on our list is Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows 10 and this software can be downloaded directly from Microsoft Store. This means that the software is not only reliable but it is also secure to use. There are two versions available for the application and the premium version comes with a few more features when compared to the free version.

Download Link –

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

On number 3, we have Xirrus Wi-Fi Scanner. The coolest feature of this application is that it displays a radar-likean interface to show you the Wi-Fi devices near you. The application can not only locate the Wi-Fi devices it can also help you in troubleshooting the network issue. Lastly, you can use Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to even detect an unauthorized connection to your router. This can help you in making the network secure and ensuring that no one misuses your network.

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Wi-Fi Scanner

Wi-Fi Scanner is quite a popular name in the market and a lot of people use this application on Windows as well as Mac for the analysis of Wi-Fi Network. Along with the details like Signal, Noise Channel, Band and speed, the software also displays the network channel congestion. The software can also scan the nearby network and display the data to you with a comparison chart. You can download this directly from the developer’s website with help of the link given below.

Download Link –

Net Spo

The best Wi-Fi Analyzer available for Windows is Net Spot and the software comes with many amazing features. There are many different paid versions as well but you can use the free version as it has all the basic features. Talking about the USP, the application has a very friendly interface and it displays the information on a map. You can also check the graphs of the speed and other such information with help of the application. Use the download link mentioned below to download Net Spot for your Windows PC

Download Link –

These are some of the best Wi-Fi Analysers available for Windows Operating System. These are all free to download and hence you can choose to download the one which you like. You can also try two different software and later uninstall the one which you do not like.

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