Top 5 Texting Applications ( 2016 Edition )


Hello, Everyone! In our Life, we all get a time when we want to talk to our friends and that too silently because, in Today,s World, Everyone needs Privacy Right? Now, We do normal messages from our Mobile Phones which costs us money and we get a Texting Application so that we can chat through our Home,s WiFi or Data Connection Right?

So, That is the reason that Today I am here writing this article for you guys .The Top 5 Texting Applications for Android and iOS Mobile Devices Now, Without Wasting any further time. Lets Get Straight into it

5 Best Texting Applications


#5 Telegram Messenger

Telegram messenger is really a great and a light weight messenger which is suitable for the devices who have Low Ram and Slow Processer. The Telegram Messenger best suits with some Low Ram Windows Phones and has a Client-to-Client Encryption or just say Secret Messages. The Application was Launched in August 2013 and received a huge success till 2016. Now, I would only suggest Telegram Messenger for those People who have Phones with Low Ram or a Low Processor and Windows Phones.

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#4 Skype: Messenger and Video Calls

We all know that no one can beat the comfort and the video quality of Skype. Skype is available on various Operating Systems like Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows PCs and Mobile Phones. It Supports Video Calling, Audio Calling and Online Texting. Skype has started some years ago and got a huge success because of its unique Video Calling Feature which was not so popular at that time.

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#3 Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is also a nice an popular messenger nowadays because of its unique feature of Stickers. Now, You might be thinking that Stickers are quite common but the unique thing it had was stickers which we use in our everyday Life and may people could relate to it. That was the reason that hike messenger became popular. Another thing which people liked about this Messenger was it supported online Conference Audio Calls which was another plus point of this application.

Let me tell you, I use Hike Messenger the most in my everyday life because of its customizable options, Status Updates, Friendly User Interface and many other things.

#2 Facebook Messenger

99% of you are aware of this messenger ( Because of Facebook Forces us to install it ) The Facebook Messenger is a great Messenger which supports texting Facebook messages as well as The Normal Messages which we people usually do from our Phones Default SMS Management which costs us money. However, Dont think that after using it with this Messenger You will get free SMS It just makes the Management Easier. The Best Thing about this messenger is that this messenger supports Chat Heads which makes Chatting and User Interface really very Friendly. The Messenger has a wide range of Stickers but not as the Hike Messenger as I told Earlier.

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Wooh! We Have Discussed Top 4 best Texting Applications till now! Lets get into the First One!

#1 WhatsApp Messenger

People Say that you live in the 90s century if you dont know Whatsapp is! Whatsapp Messenger is really a nice messenger which supports Texting and Audio Calling and let me tell you guys, Whatsapp is soon going to Introduce a Video Calling Feature which will make it the All in one Messenger. Whatsapp Messenger can be run on any device which almost all the devices have it.

The Whatsapp Messenger can be used on nearly any Operating System like Android, Windows Phones, iOS Devices and other supported devices. Whatsapp messenger takes all your contacts and filters the ones who uses WhatsApp and move them into the Favourites Section. So That you can text them easily without any Issues.


These all were the Top 5 messengers I knew and I believe that they are the best in your opinion also J AYSK helped us gain all the Further Information

If You Have to Know any more such Applications which deserve to be in the Top 5 List then Comment Down Below. We Would Love to hear it from you Guys J

Stay Tuned! Stay Happy!

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