Top 5 Apps to Make Your Instagram Photos Trendy


Having the right tool for your photos makes all the difference. And considering that Instagram is all about appearance, you need to add the best images to your account. Editing and enhancing them will make the account more engaging and win followers from across the board. The quality of images is especially important when you need to monetize the account.

Adding raw photos might not be the best idea in some instances. Find time to edit, add captions, and make your photos more engaging. Get a professional to do my homework and give you more time to enjoy moments that are worth the beautiful pictures you will post on Instagram.

Here are the top 5 apps that will make your Instagram photos trendy and impress your followers.

  1. VSCO

The app has remained popular among Instagram users and was one of the original apps for editing photos. It is so popular that more than 200 million posts on Instagram feature the hashtag VSCO. The app provides over 10 free filters that will change the dimensions of your photos. You also enjoy a wide range of editing features that will significantly elevate the quality of your images. The tools allow you to crop, skew, and add grains to photos, turning them into instant hits.

If you are looking for more advanced features, you upgrade to the VSCO membership. This is a completely new world of editing photos that will change the fortunes of your channel. With more than 200 editing options, you will be spoilt of choice. The app is available on iOS as well as Android.

  1. Avatan Photo Editor

The app is available for android as well as iOS users. It offers numerous effects and features to lay over your photos and customize their appearance. You have a basic version that is free and offers incredibly admirable features. The effects created by Avatan Photo Editor will transform the appearance of your images into something out of this world. The app gives you the best Instagram photo filters to create viral images. It also comes with an upgrade option to allow access to more advanced editing features.

  1. Snapseed

The app is designed with a professional photographer in mind. It will also work in situations where your photos must look professional. It allows you to work on raw files as well as JPG images, expanding the scope and possibilities of your project.

Snapseed offers more than filters and preset features. It is meant for serious photo editing with more than 29 tools and features at your disposal. For instance, you can remove elements and people without interfering with other aspects of the photo, giving you the power to customize images for your account. You can adjust the geometry of buildings and enhance images while still maintaining symmetry and precision on the images. It is available for Android as well as iOS users.

  1. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe is a veteran photo editing platform. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor comes with the same capability associated with the brand. The app allows you to capture and edit raw images as well as elevate the quality to a professional standard. You can change elements like hue, shadows, exposure, and saturation, giving you all the editing capability you might need for Instagram.

  1. A Color Story

It is meant to enhance colors on your images. The colors will literary pop on your images. You have preset designs to make your work easier, filters, and over 20 tools to transform an ordinary image into a viral photo. It is free and available on both iOS and Android.

If you want to make a mark on Instagram, choose editing apps with multiple features. While apps call for an upgrade to access more features, the free one is still sufficient for most common editing needs. Make your choice to transform the quality of images on your Instagram account.


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