Top 5 Apps for Students Preparing for Exams


There are innumerable applications which will help the students to prepare for the competitive exams in the best possible manner. As the exam season is approaching, with exams like JEE, MAT, IIFT, TS-EAMCET Exam 2018-2019, just around the corner.

Here are some of the applications which will leave you flabbergasted.

Apps for Students Preparing for Exams

Evernote and Penultimate

This application is considered as the king of the note making an application which features a combination of bookmarking, composing, clipping and many more things. The application can also be used for the to-do lists as a space on the mobile phone.

It is available on multiple platforms and is also usable in a web browser and the mobile applications that come with the web browser plug-in as well and the best thing is that it is all free for the students. The students can easily prepare for the exams with this application.


It runs on desktops, laptops, computers, and the students can use it as a planning tool for their projects while studying. The incredibly robust search on the topic will leave the students mesmerized and they will not be able to keep their hands off the app. There is a subscription service and the students will have to pay for the storage for the application usage.

It acts as a mind mapping tool for the students and for the additional business level featured tools, the students can buy the paid versions which would suffice for the average student. It has a gallery of hundreds of mind maps that the users have shared to provide the new users an idea how to freely use the desktop application.

The app is used by a large number of students every day for studying. From making notes to saving them and then utilizing them in the most appropriate manner, everything in this app is top-notch for the students.

MyScript Smart Note

This application is for the students who prefer writing notes instead of learning them from the books or typing or borrowing it from others. There are zillions of notebook applications which will allow you to handwrite a file with a finger but none of them will be really suitable in terms of speed in terms of class lectures that you might require. It is an excellent start for the students who want to prepare for the examinations quickly and efficiently.

The application is available for free for both iOS and Android. The application has two different versions which are slightly different in functionality and features and both have the kind of features that you would kill for. It has quite impressive handwriting recognition abilities which often come with a scrawl.

It will also help you recognize the handwritings which are not legible in the most accurate manner. The application has various other gestures such as adjustable palm rest feature, drawing mode, inserting media for the math equations, images, sounds, PDF files from various other cloud storage devices such as the dropbox and every note.

A large number of language packs are also available for free downloading for the students. There is also a facility of more notebooks, exportability, backups, and unlimited pages and so on.

This can be used for the variety of exams ranging from national level exam like JEE 2018 to state exams like TS-ECET Exam 2018-2019.


This application is considered one of the best applications as it helps the students in the subprojects and tasks and even the subtasks as well. The students can easily track their course assignments, bookmark web pages, set reminders and track more features.

The students can also combine the mobile application with a web browser plugin for the optimum utilization of the application. It also has the Mac and the Window desktop versions, Firefox browsers, chrome plugins, plugins for Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, post box for the email clients and so on.

The app is considered the best by zillions of students and is used every day in large numbers. The students find it very convenient to use this app while studying.


It is the general study tool which is used by a large number of students. This app contains various flashcard study sets for innumerable topics which are created by the student users in high school and colleges.

Even if you can’t find the subject you are looking for from such a huge selection, then you can make a subject of your own and add it there. It also helps the clients use the images and the audios in the flashcards which furthermore adds variety to the learning process and leads to skill development.

It is one of the other flashcard applications which is adored by millions of students. The study sets are available and the students can easily practice scoring well in the examination.

These top 5 applications are popular among the students due to their exciting features and superior quality techniques used. The ease of flow of working is also one of the factors due to which students prefer these applications over the others.

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