Top 3 PDF Converters

PDF refers to a standard format that lets you save your documents. It was first used by Adobe, the tech giant, and it has become in time one of the most reliable formats you can use if you are working with documents. Moreover, one of the most appreciated features is the fact that it works across various devices, and this includes PC and Mac. Whats even better is the fact that you can convert it to other several formats that exist on the market, even Microsoft Office files. But for this you need a professional converter, and since the market is full, which one should you choose?

Soda PDF Pro+OCR.

You can test the Soda PDF converter for the price of $65. It lets you view your own PDFs and to convert them to formats such as HTML, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TXT or RTF. It is also useful for when you want to create such a file, whether it is from existing PDF files, blank files or Office documents. Reviews have shown that it is particularly useful for when you want to make a pdf online, for example. It is at the same time a great editor with which you can edit texts, insert or delete pages and review the PDFs.

Wondershare PDFelement.

This is another one of the best document converters people are using. It allows you to convert the PDF files to Images, Word, Excel, TXT, RTF and even PowerPoint, HTML or EPUB. You can select several documents to be converted in a batch, and the best part is the fact that they wont lose any of its quality or layouts. Of course, it is also a PDF editor that lets you modify objects, change texts, edit pages and so on. Bonus, it has a multilingual OCR plug-in, useful in changing image-based documents. This one costs $69.95.

Nuance Power PDF Converter.

This Nuance PDF supports the conversion of a PDF document to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TXT and RTF. Moreover, it lets you convert the aforementioned formats to a PDF, which is awesome. It is at the same time a great PDF viewer with which you can view the files, add bates, redact and sign the documents. What makes this converter stand out is the fact that unlike its rivals, this one lets you take voice notes. It works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and the standard version is available only for $99.90.

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All in all, there is no single converter which you should use, so a good idea would be to test them before. Some of them offer free trial periods, so you can take advantage of that, after which you can buy the final product if you are satisfied with your experience.

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