Top 3 GPS Apps on the Android Platform


Whenever the word GPS tracking or navigation comes to mind, your thoughts run straight to Google maps, but there are many other android GPS apps that provide somewhat similar or more engaging experience than the Google maps.

CoPilot GPS: CoPilot GPS, is a good alternative to the basic Google map, the app is built with features like, speech navigation, 3D guidance and some additional boosts like lane navigation, make this app one of the standouts in GPS apps.

GPS essentials: Though the app is not completely free, but it offers way more features than many other GPS apps, the interface might be a little antiquated, but the overall experience with the app overcomes that, the dashboard is loaded up with features like, average speed, ETA destination, distance travelled and much other, but the thing that makes it a must have is an HUD that shows you the way-points of your route.

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HERE Maps: Developed by the once top-rated mobile company NOKIA, this app made quite a buzz in the year 2014, the app offers offline map features which means, you can download maps for offline use, so you don’t have to look up for maps via net, It also shows traffic information and public transit maps, it is the best app for regular navigating requirements.

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You might find Google maps to be the best android GPS app, that’s just because you haven’t used any of these, try them and thank us later.


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