Students exert all their efforts to finish school or college and become professionals. However, student life can be hard and hectic. This is why students look for things and people who can help them and make studying a lot easier. Students today are lucky as they have the Internet to help them with their school work.

The Internet has become a very useful companion for students. It can help them with all their school projects especially with researches, composition, and writing. There are even websites that offer papers writing help to college students that can ease them from the tons of workload they get at school. Aside from paper writing services, there are other apps that can be most helpful to students for their studies.

15 Top Study Apps for College Students

  1. Accelastudy Vocabulary Builder

This app helps students learn new words and their meanings. This will widen the vocabulary of students and make them become more confident with their speaking and writing abilities. The best thing about it is that it teaches in a fun way. It uses methods that make learning not boring.

  1. Evernote

This is like an electrical notebook. Instead of having separate notebooks for every subject, the Evernote app will compile all notes and lectures of students. This makes reviewing for exams easier as everything can be accessed in one gadget only. It is accessible and organized making studying simple and fast.

  1. Bibme

This is very useful for students who need to compose write-ups, paper works, and essays. It guides the student so that they can create a well-written piece of writing. Best of all, it will correct grammar, spelling, and structure. This app will help students when they write essays and other assignments.

  1. Todoist Premium

If you constantly forget the date of an upcoming exam or homework, then the Todoist premium is the app you need. This can be your electronic organizer or scheduler. It will prompt you of upcoming exams, quizzes, school activities, and other tasks. You will never forget anything again as your schedules will be on track.

  1. Cheatology

This is not an app that helps you cheat on your exams. But this is something more useful for your studies. This app will give you techniques and methods that will make lessons a lot easier to understand. It can cater to any topic or subject needed by the student.

  1. MyScript Calculator

This is for students who are not really Math wizards. Unlike other apps that provide you with instant answers, this one will let you compute and learn the formulas to solve math problems. It helps you learn faster. You can write your solution on the gadget and see if it is correct. If there are mistakes, you will get the right solution and answer. It will also give you the chance to practice the solution.

  1. Coggle

This is a perfect app for college students. It helps in planning, brainstorming and organizing projects and school works. Also, help you plot your ideas and make the project faster to complete and assist in group activities.

  1.     Grammarly

Any student who composes essays and write-ups will need Grammarly which corrects grammar mistakes. Also fixes spelling errors and structure problems. It will help students come up with well-written pieces. It is useful for any essay, poem, or story.

  1.     Headspace

When a student’s life is all hectic and stressful, they also need the ability to handle stress and pressure. Headspace helps students rest and relax their minds, especially after an exam. This app gives students space and gives them the time to stay calm and relaxed. It will help to re-energize and de-stress.

  1. Instructables

If you are looking for instructions on how to do things, then you should visit this app. It gives instructions on all how-to problems. If you need to research on steps on how to do something, then you should try this app.

  1. WolframAlpha

If you feel that math is such hardship in your studies, then this app will help you. It can give you the answers and show you the solution. It will give step-by-step tips on how to solve a certain math problem. You will learn formulas and math techniques that will help you in the future.

  1. Soundnote

This app allows you to record while taking lectures and notes. It will help you review for a quiz or exam as you just need to listen to the audio.

  1. Tinyscan

This is like bringing a portable scanner and copier. With this app, you do not need to copy by writing as it can copy all lectures and notes in a gadget. It will save you time and effort but still have complete notes for your studies.

  1. Mint

College students take all the bills for their studies. And sometimes, they forget to pay for one bill which may cost them penalties and fees. To prevent it, they can use Mint. This is an app that keeps track of the bills and payables that users make.

  1. Flashcards+

If you need flashcards for reviewing and studying but do not have the time to make them, then you can access this app. It will provide you with all the kinds of flashcards that you need.

The presence of these apps is a big help to students. It makes studying a lot easier and makes student life more fun. There are other websites that students can visit and check what assistance they can give to students with their lessons, homework, and school paper works.

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Most college students are on their own. This is why they will need all the help they can get to make life easier. Getting different apps will be a huge help to them in making studying a lot easier to handle. So, do not lose your time and upload a few apps that can help you to schedule your day better and achieve better academic results at school or college.