Top 11 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone


Call of Duty Warzone is Modern Warfare that can bring a lot of fun. But usually, it gets stressful because it comes with the involvement of making too many efforts for the moves. To make the experience fantastic, you have to follow certain tips and tricks at

Play in the team

Usually, you will get more success in the Battle Royale if you play with a combination of players or team and not just a solo. In the team, you can help out each other through the game and thus get the advantages out of that. With communication and coordination, you can build the squad to help get connected with other people.

Pay attention to the Minimap

Taking the silencer by considering the three helpful tools in War Zone, namely the big map, Minimap, and the compass, helps. It can help a lot in keeping an eye on the Minimap and giving you the far away target. In case you are unable to find the position perfectly, you can also look at the map. The use of silencers and weapons will also be obscuring your position and giving you the advantage over the loud Shooters.

Not staying in a place for too long

Usually, everything becomes problematic whenever you choose to stay at one point for a long time. In case you don’t want to sit in one place between a clash of the two different teams, you shouldn’t spend too much time there. Staying in the well-defended buildings or rooms with the minimum entry points will give you the right place in the form of the guaranteed Kill Zone for the other players.

Opening all the caches

Usually, you will end up finding the perfect gun or perhaps also the full Armour that might be dissuaded from opening the cache. You will have to take the chances of getting the free and the best weapon at some point. It can also help the other teams free looting that would otherwise help them along the way. Guns get loaded with the free magazines or ammo ready to be used. You will get the precious couple of seconds that will be the perfect moment for escaping the gas if you are caught up in the firefight.

Make use of the cash for the equipment

Usually, players overlook this aspect, but it becomes essential the well-placed UAV usually becomes placed between winning and getting flanked. You can also get the gas mask available. However, you do not have to hold your cash as you can’t carry it all forward if you are coming back from the gulag.

Start killing enemies before landing

In the Battle Royale game that accommodates up to 150 players, every player will be putting an early target on making the game easier. The trick here is that they would start killing the rivals while still in the air. For doing so, you will need to cut the parachute while just getting prepared for the Descent. It will be using the gun to shoot the Enemies before the parachute’s deployment again.

Use the Ping

The Ping becomes essential because it will be marking your enemies and situating the enemy. Always make sure that you have at least $4500. It becomes necessary for the purchase.

Optimization of the use of the weapon

Always try fixing the weapon to the base of anything you are finding around on the battlefield. By doing so, you can ensure reducing the gun’s recoil while shooting will also guarantee the aimed accuracy. It becomes a lifesaver point during the fight.

Make use of the loadout packages

Usually, you’ll end up spending some time picking up the equipment and selecting weapons that will be playing in the field. You can also get perks, which is why players avail themselves of the option for purchasing the load out bag. This is the perfect opportunity to give you the benefit of the various abilities. It can also help you get the expected recovery or increased running speed. However, be always careful that there will be many other players who will be heading towards you.

Consider shielding yourself at all times

Compared to the other Battle Royale games, the Shields in the war zone usually do not consist of the helmet or the special protective gear. You can get the armor plate that finds a place on the uniform. The player gets the opportunity of applying around three plates for increasing safety. Storage of the five armor plates and extra plates for the low HP becomes favorable.

Completion of the orders

Everywhere on the game, you will be finding the orders that can be doing the benefits for your team. You have time reserved for it. You can also check the specific position of the goals on the map. Killing the specific player comes with seeing the opponent on the map and going hunting specifically. Enlightenment helps hold the area for a certain time and give the completion of the mission. It can let you see the field narrowing. Looting the displayed boxes ensures getting the three thick boxes on the map.

Final Verdict

We’ve mentioned the tips that can be perfect enough to give you amazing benefits. When you are playing the game, follow the same and see how you get better winnings.


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