Top 10 Wireless Charging Apps That You Need to See


Wireless Charging Apps: Although the wireless charge may sound like something new, the truth is that it is a technology that has been with us for many years. It was the Japanese firm sharp the first to introduce wireless charging on a smartphone with its Sharp Aquos Phone, and after the closure was closed, many other companies began to add it to their range caps.

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The manufacturers of all branded mobile phones provide the required cable and adapter for re-charging all hand-held devices. Other methods use outlet device and magnetic receptors. The wireless charging is provided with inductive power generated. The electricity passes through two coils of magnetic plate acting as receptors. The magnetic current produced gets converted to direct current (DC) required for charging the battery.

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Fascinating Facts about Wireless Chargers

  • Wireless Power Transferring Technology is not 21st Century invention. The principle of inductive charging with the aid of the Magnetic field was first introduced by Michael Faraday in 1831.
  • By using radio frequency charging literally known as wireless power transfer you can able to charge multiple devices at a time.
  • No need to worry about the data breach while charging via wireless.
  • Wireless charging is completely safe and does not possess any health hazards.
  • The wireless charger is easily portable and it cost in an affordable range not as expensive as many think.

List of top 10 wireless charging apps for Android and iOS:

  1. Aircharge Qi

The Aircharge Qi, wireless charging app for Android and iOS, was created by PixelBeard for mobile owners. After this wireless charging app is installed, the owners can install the charger app in the hand-held device. There are 4000 hotspots that are situated in various locations. These include airports, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces. The Aircharge Qi is provided with the search engine to a hotspot nearest to your home.

  1. Powermat

The Powermat, a wireless charging app, is available for most mobile hand-held devices. This wireless charging app allows recharging while on the go. This wireless charging app is user-friendly and free for use. Mobile owners using Android and iOS can use this wireless charging app. The special hotspots lead to coffee shops, restaurants, universities, other public venues with spots for re-charging the hand-held devices.

  1. AnyCharge

The AnyCharge, a wireless charger app, was specially programmed for both Android and iOS users. It was developed by service provider named “Boundless Network”. Owners can search to find the nearest wireless charging place including any point close to home. On reaching the spot, the device required for recharging the same is always present at the spot. The mobile hand-held device has to be placed right on top of the wireless charger. In order to use the wireless charger app, the mobile owners require a built-in wireless power functionality on their devices.

  1. Wireless charging checker

The Wireless charging checker is another wireless charging app created by “pp girl” for only Android users. This app is used for checking wireless charging capabilities in mobiles. This app can also be used to remind mobile owners to pay their bills. Before purchasing, the hand-held device has to be made compatible with the wireless charging system before using it.

  1. Razer wireless charger

The Razer wireless charger is the best wireless charging app that uses the only iOS. It was created by Razer. The wireless charger app is free and easy to use with features on the iOS device. This app is provided with special features. These include a toggle effect between colors. In addition, this also has lighting effects including static, breathing, spectrum and wave.

  1. Solar mobile charger

There solar mobile charger is specially developed for supporting Android users. The charging app, also known as “prank pp”, allows people to entertain and play with friends and family. Using this wireless charger app, people can fool their relatives and charge a Smartphone with solar. Since solar energy causes damage to the mobile hand-held device, the app is most appropriate for recharging a mobile phone.

  1. Solar Panel Charger

Another wireless charger app is the Solar Panel Charger was developed for the iOS users. Similar to Solar Panel Charger, this particular wireless charger app was developed as “prank app”. This is used to socialize and entertain amongst friends and family. Physically, this device should be kept far away from sunlight in order to avoid any damage.

  1. Vector EV Charging

The Vector EV Charging, a wireless charging app, is compatible with the iOS platform for hand-held devices. The service providers of Vector’s EV charging plus locate recharging their mobile devices. This helps in locating a suitable charger and ports for hand-held devices. This wireless charging app is user-friendly. Also, it has a perfect layout for user experience. Two types of charger types are added – these include the standard and rapid charger types. After owners have installed Vector EV Charging app, owners of mobiles can check their port stations on smartphones. The wireless charging app could be standard or rapid on stations used. This Vector EV Charging is provided with a filter on charge and more.

  1. Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging is a new free battery charging app that helps in removing the background in just one click. The wireless charging app helps owners of Android Smartphone to recharge within a few minutes. This app scans all services for consuming too much energy of the mobile’s battery. Common applications that are scanned include Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, Mobile data, High Screen brightness, and timeout. In addition to these, you can use the battery saver app for checking battery performance.

  1. ROBO Charger

The ROBO Charger, a wireless charger app, is the best wireless charging app suitable for all devices. This app is especially great for iOS devices. It does not use any wiring but the app helps in enhancing the performance of the battery. Owners of mobile hand-held devices, all unwanted apps running in the background while charging owners’ Smartphone.

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The owners can check the estimated time of battery life. These special features include gaming audio and video, talking time, standby, and surfing. Also, users of this wireless charger app can check estimated time for battery life. This app works well for Smartphone iOS.

Bottom Line

We are living in an era where everything is changing smart, so it is inevitable for everyone to be smart and stick around the smart objects. The Wireless Charging Apps is one among those smart object which doesn’t require any charging outlets and cords to charge mobile gadgets. There are wide varieties of Wireless Charging Apps available in the market which are suitable for various models of Smartphone and iOS. These wireless charging apps help in finding the nearest wireless charging point and these can be tracked using GPS location app.