Top 10 Runescape Game Alternatives


Playing an online game has remained one of the hobbies that people have been developed for the last many years. It is a unique way for time pass for not only mine but people around the world play online games. I am very fond of playing Chess online. While winning or at least making drawn games gives me immense satisfaction. Here in this article, I have listed all those top 10 Runescape game alternatives.

My Experience on Playing Runescape Game

In addition to Chess, for the last few years, I was running behind the game Runescape. I am successful in playing the game on all three versions of the game. Meanwhile, it is a fantasy multiplayer online role-playing game. It was originally a browser game built with Java Programming language developed by Jagex and later on replaced by C++ coded from 2016.

Over two hundred million accounts are created and have a recorded a place in Guinness World Book records. Since the game is cracked by me and my other friends several times I was on a search for Runescape Game alternatives. I found the following 10 games that alternate Runescape.

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List of 10 Runescape Game Alternatives

1. Fallout

This game is one of the most beautiful games and I felt the games extremely difficult to fill the space. If the correct filling up of the space cannot be done, you will fallout. Again you have to start from the beginning. Moreover, this is one of the hardest online games as Runescape games alternatives. It is a post-nuclear role-playing game published by the Interplay production house, released in the years 1997. Meanwhile, the game is a post-apocalyptic in setting and based on the aftermath of nuclear war. The protagonist is the inhabitant of vault who is required to find replacement water and save their vault. It has gained a huge financial success.

2. Borderlands

This game listed among the top 10 Runescape alternatives. Moreover, this is more or less similar to the Fallout game. This game is based on the epic story, which is related to looting and a great number of weapons to explore. Besides, it is full of action-packed First-person shooter video games. The game is based on a group of four vault hunters. Moreover, one of the features of this game is the ability of the player to explore the world that travels the distant planet to hunt down the alien vault. The use of a weapon is frequent and rampant. Also, it has bagged a good review and good Runescape game alternatives.

3. Far cry

For those who are looking for the Runescape game alternatives, the far cry would be the more preferred choice. Crytech has developed the game, on its Cryemgine software in 2004. Meanwhile, there are five main games in the series allowing for open-world gameplay. The gaming plot revolves around History and its development in wilderness environments. Moreover, the fighting sequence will be against the wild animals that roam over the open space. This game is single-player oriented but it also covers multiple options. This game managed to gain a lot of positive responses by the Netizens and gaming lovers.

4. Rege

Rege is a first-person shooter video game and prepared by ID Software. This game is set up for post-apocalyptic near future and deals in the impact of Asteroids on earth. A soldier named Nicolas Raine has been put into an underground shelter. The more solid raine emerges after many years and finds himself as a wanted man by the opposite group. It is more or less copied from a movie. This game gained a positive rating and reviewed as a good substitute for Runescape game alternatives.

5. Metro

This game is Runescape game alternatives. It is a first-person shooter game and a horror video game. The story is based on a novel by Dmitry of Russia. Following the nuclear war, the survivor was forced to take shelter in the underground metro tunnels. They have to save their home station. Players encounter human and mutual enemies. Ammunition and other necessary items are to be removed from the dead man. The player must wear a gas mask to save himself.

6. Mass Effect

This game is an action role-playing video game by a third-person shooter. The original story based on revolving around a soldier whose mission is to save the galaxy from the powerful Reapers and their agents. An alien race abducting human colonies is the main theme of the game. This game is attainable and keeps one busy for hours. It is a good substitute for Runes cape game alternatives. This game will blow your mind and you will feel so involved that your time will pass automatically

7. Madmax

This game is an action-oriented adventure video game. In the game, the players’ rocks during the progress through the Water land building vehicle to battle with a gang of raiders and to reach the planes of silences where the play hopes to get peace. The player uses Weapon and armor on his car to fight enemies. It is an open set consists of the wasteland of deserts; the game was released in 2014. This game gets an overall review of mixed gain but it has been the eighth best selling retail game in the history of the United States. It is a good Runescape game alternative.

8. The last of us

This game is an action-oriented adventure game. The use of firearms and weapon is a part of the game that is being used against hostile humans and carnivals. Meanwhile, eight people can play the game at a time. The game is a series and the last version was uploaded in 2014. It is one of the best selling games on the PlayStation and bags the title of greatest video games ever made. It is a well-known substitute for Runescape Game alternatives.

9. 7 days to die

This game is a new survival of horde crafting game and packed with full of action. It is a great game and awesome to play with. The epic based game requires the support of a friend otherwise, it is impossible to crack the game. It is a real kick but a game. You are in an open world and zombies have taken over. The player is to survive in the game. The game has remained as the Runescape Game alternatives.

10. Miscreated

This is an action-packed game based on post-war consequences and covers a day and night circle. It is a multicourse survival game. One has to save himself from looting and killing. An awesome game and cracking are difficult. It is a good substitute for Runescape game alternatives.


People pass their time playing online games. Some are difficult to crack and online players crack the majority of the games. In recent times, Runescape game has gained popularity but once the people crack it, they search for the alternatives of Runescape game. Plenty of games are available for online players and many of those can be good substitutes for Runescape game.