Top 10 Gadgets for a College Tutor ( Teachers )


In this ever-changing technological environment, teachers ( College Tutor ) can now take their classrooms to a totally new level by making use of various types of new gadgets. On the other hand, these gadgets can make the learning process very interesting and let you connect with your students on a personal level because students start believing that the teacher is cool enough to earn their respect.

Basically, teaching is also one the many professions where you try various strategies for doing your job well. But the main aim of the teacher will always remain same and that is to help their students learn in the easiest possible way.

On the other hand, when we think of a new technology gadget for a classroom, our mind automatically tells us about the tablets, which are used widely today by almost all college students.

10 Best Gadgets for College Tutor / Teachers

So, there are various gadgets which can be used by a college tutor are:

Document Projector

This is one of the superb and must-have gadget for any college tutor. With the help of a projector, you don’t have to spend all your time writing notes on the board. Further, you can simply prepare your notes anytime and in advance and can directly project them on your screen. It will save lots of your time.

ScanSnap Scanner

Another best gadget for a college student is a Scansnap scanner which helps you to enter your class without any paper. This is basically a lightweight and portable scanner that can handle more than 10 double-sided sheets at a time.

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Leap Motion

This is an iPod-sized device or basically a motion controller, which uses high-definition LED lights which further enables its users to control the computer from more than 8 feet away. It has a unique option that can sense your hand movements and further lets you interact with your computer system without any mouse or keyboard.

Interactive Whiteboards

Another must-have gadget for a college tutor is an interactive whiteboard which acts as a big touchscreen for a tutor. These are very much similar to the tablets and can easily get connected to the computer where tutors can use the touch screen to explain or draw anything related to their subject.

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Charging Hub

When it comes to keeping the gadgets charged, it becomes a big problem for teachers to carry a lot of charges daily to their college. But this problem is also solved by the charging hub, which is a one plug charger that charges more than 5 devices via their USB cables.

Celluon Magic Cube

One of the most innovative and useful gadgets for college tutors is this magic cube. It is basically a little box that beams down a keyboard of light for any particular Bluetooth device and that too in its vicinity. It is also very suitable for Windows and other computer software.

Video Recorders

Another very helpful gadget for a teacher is a video recorder. Nowadays you can also take your lecture to a totally new level with this superb video recorder. There might be lots of slides in your coursework which you show to your students, but when they listen to your recordings, they will remember it for a long period of time.

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Fine point stylus

Another superb gadget for any college teacher is this fine point stylus pen. Basically, it has a fine point with a small plastic disk at its tip and it is almost like a pen for the iPad. It makes you free from papers, files, and pens as it simply focuses on saving lots of your time.

Cambridge Audio G2

This is an elegant and small Bluetooth speaker device that boasts a full and balanced sound and can be easily charged with any data cable. Most importantly, its battery can last up to ten hours. Further, it can also pick up any wifi connection which is even 25 feet away from you.


Last but not the least is this camera which can be very helpful for the teachers of college students. It is also very light in weight and produces great images. It becomes very handy if you have to explain any science diagrams or images to your class.

Therefore, these are some of the best or top 10 gadgets that are a must for any college tutor to make their life easier while educating students.

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