3 Tips for Forming the Perfect Team in Summoners War


When you are first trying to navigate your way around this game it can be a bit daunting attempting to work out the best combinations of monsters you should be using to make good progress through the levels.

Accessing a Summoners War best monsters list would be a good idea if you want to get a handle on the various strengths and weaknesses of each one and how best to use them in the game.

Building the perfect team involves a bit of strategic thinking and a good level of information about each monster so that you can be savvy with your team-building moves.

Get a feel for the game

In order to make good progress at a reasonable rate, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the structure and rules of the game.

A good way to achieve this aim would be to use the tutorial to learn how to form a basic team of monsters and understand more about rune farming from the ensuing scenarios you are presented with at this early stage of the game.

You will be given the opportunity to clear all seven stages and there are good rewards for doing this so it’s worthwhile anyway.

Malware Infection

At this early stage, your monster types are not that relevant but the key point is that you will get the chance to experiment with different combinations of monsters.

By the time you get to unlock access to Cairos Dungeons, you will have a much better idea on how to build a great team of monsters.

Playing to your monster’s strengths

It is well worth noting that even a very basic single team is capable of getting you through to some high levels, as long as you know how to be savvy with your use of each monster.

You are not trying to build a single team, as such, and the ultimate target is more about creating strength through careful selection so that you are prepared for what the game throws at you as you progress.

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If you are able to use abilities that are capable of removing the enemy action bar that will prevent them from healing, which is going to boost your game progress.

Aim to achieve optimum performance with each chosen monster by selecting ones that have plenty of AoE and Stuns. This will help increase your own speed and slow the enemy down at the same time.

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How do you decide which monsters are the best?

Finally, one of the best ways to rank each monster would be to use a guide that illustrates all of their relevant features and strengths and uses the most appropriate criteria relevant to helping you progress through the game.

Some of the most useful attributes are considered to be how many places you will be able to use the monster in, how well it performs in each specific place, and how irreplaceable they are in comparison to others.

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Knowing which are the best 2-star through to 5-star monsters and what each one is particularly useful for in each part of the game will allow you to build a team that gives the best chance of getting the best out of your Summoners War gaming experience.

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