Check Out the Whole New Youtube Red

Youtube is a well known service for all of us. Youtube have a huge number of fans over the world. Youtube is a well known service that is used by most of us in order to watch videos. Youtube not only entertain us but it also helps us in performing various types of works. For many people it is their only source of income.

Why Youtube Red is Launched?

Recently Youtube launched a new service called as Youtube red. This new service is one that provides us more number of related posts and better video experience. We all know that advertisements while watching videos are a very disturbing thing and hence this new service will give you the facility to watch seamlessly and without any interruptions. Of course you won’t get everything free of cost and so Youtube red is paid. You will be charged $9.99 per month. You can use the same membership on any device. You just have to login to Youtube with the same ID.

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With this new Youtube red, watching videos and listening to music is very easy. You just have to choose the album or the artist and your musical journey is good to go. You can easily watch the concert videos and live streaming shows. This new service will bring the new service for kids and Gaming lovers soon. We don’t have to worry about the free Youtube ad supported service because it’s not going anywhere. One can easily enjoy the free videos over the free Youtube service but will have to adjust with advertisements.

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