The role of social media in eCommerce


Social media in eCommerce: ECommerce has evolved towards social media marketing. Instead of scatter-gun advertisements across the internet, eCommerce brands are looking at targeted social media advertising to increase engagement with their potential clients and increase conversions.

Why should you consider marketing on social media?

Marketing on social media is quickly becoming the best strategy for brands. There are over 3.5 billion active monthly users, which represents great market potential. Any eCommerce brand can prove successful by targeting a niche demographic from these potential clients.

The second factor that should play into any marketing decision for eCommerce brands is the level of revenues from online sales. Since 2011, online retail sales have been increasing significantly as more people take to the internet to purchase goods and services. As of last year, retail eCommerce platforms raked in just under 200 billion Dollars, which represents an 11% increase from 2017. These high revenues show that users are willing to purchase products online.

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Brand activity on the internet is proof that users are interested in interacting with brands on the internet. Up to 95% of people aged between 18-34 are more likely to follow a brand on at least one of their social media pages. With over 3 billion users on social media, the potential for brands to reach their clients and to develop a loyal following is greater than ever before.

Up to 75% of clients for eCommerce products have used social media in the purchasing process. This may be to research, review or explore a brand and the products on offer. 55% of their purchases have been made after a discovery on social media. These figures suggest that social media is an ideal platform for marketing. Since more people are using social media before making their purchases, marketing your eCommerce brand on social media could help you gain a competitive edge.

How can you use social media to market your eCommerce site?


Some of the tips for developing a great marketing strategy also apply for eCommerce sites. You will be better able to rach your audiences through paid advertising across different platforms. On those that are difficult to raise engagement levels for largely unknown brands, you could employ paid tools such as

likes and views to help attract users to your content. For instance, you can get 50 daily auto followers for your profile on Instagram to appear active and generate even more follows from your potential clients.

Here are some free means to use social media in eCommerce marketing tool.

Using social media to engage with your audience

Even if you do not use paid advertising strategies on social media, which will mean lower engagement levels, you can still use social media to your benefit. The most important bit is to use the platform to engage with your audience. As more people find out about and make purchases from your eCommerce site, your user engagement levels will increase. Using social media to engage with these users will create positive brand awareness, as well as impact future purchases for repeat customers.

Using social media to offer values and promotions

Social media can be a great platform to develop and run promotions, bonuses and other giveaways that will help your brand build good press as well as increase traffic to your site. Users will usually be attracted to these promotions and bonuses since they offer the chance to win. Since they offer value and reduced costs, many users will take part in these promotions. Your brand will develop a great relationship with users on the internet, which could result in increased sales and conversions.

Following your customers

This will involve both following back your customers on social media, as well as following their interests and preferences. Most brands do not follow back their clients, which creates grounds for a one-way interaction which does not favor the customer. If you want to develop an unbeatable eCommerce marketing strategy, you should follow back your customers. It will help you keep tabs on their interests, as well as create a platform for exchange between themselves and your brand. This could be crucial to helping attract more loyal customers.

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You need to put out your marketing strategy in the appropriate social media platform. You should be in a position to know and reach your target audience. You can do this by exploring their likes and interest across different social platforms. This way, your advertising campaign will have a personal touch that will be better suited for boosting sales.

Integrating different platforms on your site

When developing your website, you should incorporate different social media platforms by enabling easy sharing. Users will not need to log onto their social pages to share content or products, or recommend your service with others. This easy sharing option increases exposure and visibility, as well as boosting conversion levels since more people are likely to be persuaded to make a purchase by a recommendation from their fellow social media follower than through an advertisement.

Taking advantage of audiovisual content

Your content is designed to draw the attention of users with increasingly shortening concentration spans. Research suggests that users are more likely to be drawn towards visual content than either text and audio. Using audiovisual content will help draw and keep audience’s attention. You can develop quality photos  to help improve product awareness, as well as carry out product promotions on video hosting sites such as YouTube. Users will be more likely to buy from your eCommerce site if you feature these detailed presentations that allow them to see the product in action.

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Final thought

With social media, your eCommerce brand can grow to unexpected levels. There is great potential for the use of social media as a marketing tool, thanks to the sheer number of regular visitors. Aside from this, more people are also willing to make purchases fueled by social media research and interaction with your brand. While some of these advertising strategies may be paid, they are available at great prices and offer unbeatable value.