10 Factors in Choosing The Best Gaming Mouse


Here we will discuss about 10 factors in choosing the best Gaming mouse OR best tips to buy gaming mouse

Someone will ask is there really any need to have some considerations when buying a good gaming Mouse?

The answer is yes! A good gamer will often say you are as good as your controller when it comes to the gaming world. A gamer can’t play without a controller. For most P.C gamers their first choice is always the Keyboard and mouse.

Today we tackle the 10 factors in choosing a capable gaming mouse. Don’t get me wrong there are way more than ten factors but we will concentrate on the best ten.

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Best Gaming Mouse

1. Connectivity

Most gamers will tell you that even a fraction of a second can affect how you progress in a game. Gamers prefer a wired mouse compared to a wireless one because a wireless mouse tends to have an input lag which may affect the gameplay.

2. Game support

Does the game you intend to play support your current mouse control? Most games support the common P.C mouse found in many households but some specialized games tend to have limited support since the common mouse is not specialized for optimum gaming.When buying a game check its specifications and chose a mouse that goes hand in hand with the specifications.

3. Ease to use

No one wants a complicated gaming mouse that is always making you scratch your head while trying to comprehend how to go about using it. Gaming should be a fun pastime, not stressful. Chose a mouse that is really easy to use while you are your favorite pastime. It should be easy to use such that even when all your eyes are focused on the game your hands can navigate through it with ease.

4. Configuration

A good gaming mouse should have a good user interface in terms of its configuration software so as to enable the user to configure it according to his or her liking. For example, a gamer who uses his left hand should be able to configure the right button click system, unlike the right-handed gamer who uses the default left button click system.

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5. Type of game being played.

RTS games tend to require a mouse with more button controls, unlike the FPS games which require fewer buttons for control.

6. Review from other gamers

This Mouse is not compatible with game XYZ reads a gamer’s review of a given mouse on a website.Just like that one can make a decision about the suitability of the given mouse for his or her gaming needs.You can never ignore past reviews and directions from gamers who have used the various mice for gaming.

7.Grip Type

How do you grip your mouse while playing?There are three major types of grip a).palm grip whereby the whole of your palm rests on the mouse. b). claw grip whereby the fingers are arched on the mouse c). Fingertips grip whereby just the fingertips control the mouse. Why is this important? This different. Types of mouse grip styles require different mouse shapes and without it, one can easily strain.

8. Look

Yes, the look is very important, no one wants to game with an ugly looking mouse. When your fellow gamers come over to your gaming station, your gaming devices describe who you are.

9. Movement Technology

Most gamers tend to prefer using mouses with laser sensor system compared to the optical sensor system because with the laser system one is assured of utmost sensitivity.

10. Mouse resolution

It is simply the higher the resolution of the mouse the better it is for gaming

A gamer once told me that not all mice are created equal. And with these factors, one can choose the best capable mouse for gaming.One gaming mouse that is surely held in high regard is the Shooter mouse. An example is the Mamba or the Razer DeathAdder.

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