The 5 Best Ways to Boost Your Home Wifi


A wireless fidelity network, popularly known as Wifi, enables you to go online from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop within your home without using a mass of cables to connect.

You can use the Wifi to play games online, send documents to a printer wirelessly, chat with friends, or post videos and photos from a computer to another.

However, your home Wifi signal may occasionally get weak, load the internet slowly, or struggle to connect in some rooms.

Fortunately, in such instances, there are lots of things you can do to enhance the Wifi performance.

Here is an exclusive review of the 5 best ways to boost your home Wifi and make it more reliable.

  • Ensure That Your Router Is Up-To-Date

Routers with out-of-date firmware perform inferior to routers that are appropriately up-to-date.

 Make it a point to check your router’s IEEE number located on the box to know your router type.

If you have the ‘N’ router, you should think about upgrading to the newer ‘AC’ model for improved Wifi speed as well as the range it covers.

But to ensure you pick the right type of up to date router, check out the Best AX Routers Guide.

Even if your Wifi is operating with brilliant speed, it is important that you update your firmware regularly to advance its performance.

  • Choose A Good Place for Your Rooter

Choosing the right place to position your router can be one of the easiest remedies to boost your home.

This is because location makes a massive difference in the performance of your Wi-Fi.

Not all places are ideal for placing your router; ideally, you should place your router far from appliances and metal objects that emit electromagnetic waves. Metal is a leading Wifi disrupter, and putting your router close to it might result in a large dead zone.

Now while a majority of all the household appliances produce electromagnetic waves to some extent, but the most significant emitters are found in the kitchen, such as microwaves, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. Other appliances that might cause issues to include; televisions, tumble dryers, washing machines, radiant heaters, and cordless phones. Ideally, try and keep it away from such appliances somewhere central to your home for equal distribution of the signal. Give it good space away from thick walls.

  • Stay Away from Hitchhikers

An unsecured Wifi network is similar to an invitation for other people to use your Wifi internet for free. Your neighbors will easily connect to your Wifi and use your valuable bandwidth. It is essential to note that the more the device using the network, the slower it will be. To get rid of potential hitchhikers, you should change the default admin name and password of your router. You can even go further and encrypt your Wifi signal so that only your device can use it.

  • Purchase a Wifi Booster

WiFi Boosters, also known as Wifi repeaters, extenders, and boosters, are devices that take your current Wifi signal from your router and rebroadcast it as a new, stronger and broader network.

Wifi boosters amplify the existing network signal and then rebroadcast it to make another network. They also have a greater range, which is good for cases where the signal is weak.

  • Adjust the Antennas of Your Router

Most of the Wifi routers have two antennas at the top that are adjustable. If your antennas are parallel, adjust them to go perpendicular.

Wifi speed is at its best the signals are parallel to the internal antenna of a device that is vertical in desktop and horizontal in laptops. Placing antennas vertical to each other will give a consistent connection between your devices and your home network.

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These are the best ways of boosting your home Wifi. With these five tips, you can efficiently boost your home Wifi. Hopefully, by the time you’re through with implementing all the above tips, the Wifi will be faster.