Tencent SmartWatch for Kids – New Device in Best Gadgets 2015 List

Smartwatch are taking over the minds of tech/gadget lovers and have become the best gadgets 2015, and why not, they give a stylish look, handle your calls, track your fitness and some even allow you to access your phone apps. With these leading gadgets, a trend for kids’ smartwatch also came in much less time and since this thing gained pace, there are many Smartwatch and similar gadgets for kids in the current market, ‘Tencent’ a Chinese company will be launching something you can call connected wearable in October.

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The key specs of the gadget are:

  • 12 inch, 128×128 OLED screen, inbuilt radio and a SOS button.
  • The gadget-tracking functionality is based on WIFI, GPS and cellular as well, making it a distinct and accurate tracking device.
  • In addition, the device will be loaded with a 0.3mp camera, helpful if your kid is lost (He can send you a picture of the location by we chat)
  • The battery life is quite long and will last up to 5 days, it can be charged using the magnetic connector.

The device is to be named ‘QQ watch’ and is set to launch in October, though there’s no word on the price, but rumor has it that it will be ‘very affordable’.

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