Best Telegram Channel List With Link To Follow In 2020


Telegram channel list:- Telegram has come up as a top-ranked name in the instant messaging apps. What makes this app most loved and appreciated? Well, the answers are many. One of them is the updated channels that can broadcast messages to an unlimited number of users and keep them engaged with the latest opinions, news, trends, etc. Here are the Best Telegram Channels list with Link to follow in 2020 from the world of entertainment and business.

You can join the Best Telegram channels with just one tap or click after searching them by names. Say goodbye to creating multiple broadcasts and waste your time adding members to it. Manage how many subscribers view your messages and respond to make the best strategy for your business.

Telegram is doubtlessly becoming a hub for your daily entertainment dose, news, career-related news, and sports updates. Choose any category and search it; there is a channel already. All you have to do is join it.

Telegram channel list

Telegram Channel List

Choose any of these Best Telegram Channels list with Link to follow in 2020 and join the teams of business experts, entrepreneurs, and professional. Read Also – Best Movie Apps for Android

@forexgdp – Telegram Channel list for Forex GDP

This channel brings all the insightful information for foreign exchange traders and helps you analyze the market trends. With over 3500 active subscribers, this channel is managed by professional traders willing to educate beginners.

  • @Fxproera
  • @Forexsignalfactory
  • @Forextipster
  • @Jeafzmentorchannel
  • @Trademasterex

@netflix – Telegram Channel list for Netflix

Netflix keeps you updated regarding your favourite Series whether it’s Spanish or Mexican. Get recent updated about movies, TV Series, facts, and other Hollywood news. The channel fuels more than 580k members’ daily news feed right now.

@HindiHDmovies – Telegram Channel list for Hindi HD Movies

Dedicated to serve every single news from the Indian Film Industry, this channel has the highest members’ count (4.3M+) till date. Get the latest about Hindi Movies and TV series at your fingertips.

  • @HindiHDMovies
  • @Indianmovies
  • @HindiOldMovies
  • @HDDubbedMovies
  • @movieSeries
  • @HindiMovies

@Amazon_Prime_Video_HD – Telegram Channel list for Amazon Prime Video HD

This channel is the widely followed channel for HD video content and has over 600k active members. You can also find articles related the latest and upcoming Movies and TV Series on this channel.

  • @PrimeWebSeries
  • @AmazonPrimeHD
  • @AmazonPrimeVideoHD
  • @AmazonPrimeVideos
  • @PremiumforFree

@telegram – Telegram Channel list for News

This channel is the official news provider for Telegram subscribers. Best of all, you can get the latest news on any version of Telegram whether Desktop, Android, iOS Devices etc. Currently, over 3M users are connected with this channel.

  • @Newswala
  • @epaperzone
  • @the_Hindi1
  • @NewsPaperAdda
  • @livemint

@Bollywood_Movies_Hindi_hd_new_Ne – Telegram Channel list for Bollywood Movies new HD

Just shy of 2 million members, this channel is the ultimate source of entertainment. You can download the latest Bollywood Movies and TV shows with direct links sent by this channel.

  • @HindiLatestMoviezz
  • @WMFilms
  • @HindiOldMovies
  • @CinemaHub
  • @CC_HindiMovies

@Hollywood_english_Netflix_Movies – Telegram Channel list for Hollywood English Netflix Movies

With second-highest count of active members touching 2.7M+, this channel is an active provider of TV series and Movies in Netflix Hollywood. You can also find direct links to your favourite Shows and Videos including the oncoming and recently released ones.

@thebossofbetting – Boss of betting

Your daily sports predictor is here with pro tips and strategies in the sports industry. With currently 8K+ subscribers, this channel provides free predictions on Soccer and AFL. This channel is handled by a single predictor and is right on time every day with his new predictions and perceptions.

@AmEnglish – American English Channel

This channel is made for those who intend to learn American English the best and easiest way. You can improve your English skills (spoken/grammar) with daily dose of Tips, Podcasts, and stories to compete with native-level English speakers. 52K+ subscribers have already joined this channel, maybe it’s your turn now.

@tradecryptonow – Trade Crypto Now Channel

Investing in Crypto-currency has become the richest hobby for every 2 out of 3 investors. That’s why you can find various channels and individuals promoting their trading platform. This channel is the best and reliable source of Crypto-News, Daily Analysis, etc. Get well-versed with the risks before you invest in the BTC market.

@CryptoWorldNewsCrypto World News Channel

This channel dedicated to the Cryptocurrency market acts as a universal platform to serve you with daily Crypto News, Updates, Resources, Insights, and recommendations in the fluctuating market. There are over 430K subscribers currently connected to this channel; some of them have already become investors.

@ProxyMTProto – Proxy MTProto Channel

If you have Telegram availability issues due to country-based restrictions, this channel helps you by suggesting the best Proxies list. Based on your device type and make, you can use the given proxies to access Telegram. Currently, 2.7M+ users have subscribed to this channel, and hopefully, they are happy trying it.

@Myporoxy – MyPoroxy Channel

Access the restricted content or apps using a set of proxies by MyPoroxy channel. This channel brings daily updated in Persian to its 1.3M+ members.

@Bollywoodcinemas – Bollywood Cinemas Channel

This channel is the second most followed channel for the latest Bollywood Series and Movies content. If you have a knack of Bollywood entertainment, you’ll not be disappointed as it serves with the best content quality and direct download links to the latest videos and shows.

@bbcpersian – BBCPersian Channel

The official channel by BBC News Channel Persia, which tends to engage over a million subscribers. You’ll get news about the latest happenings in Economy, Social, Political affairs in Iran and the USA. News are refreshed in your inbox as often as 50 times a day.


Most of the channels are available to global audiences, so you can enjoy subscribing any channel from this Best Telegram Channels list with Link to follow in 2020. Furthermore, if you want to create one, you can easily do so by heading to the menu and broadcast your message for a bulk audience.


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