Take an Adventure: 3 Games That Feature We Love


RPGs are remembered fondly by most gamers since they are the purest type of game that you can play. Most of them have humble roots in the pen-and-paper style of gaming and are brought over to mobile systems with unique mechanics and amazing graphics. Each RPG has its own system of progression, battling and exploration, ensuring that you never get bored. Here are three great RPGs that have playing styles you’re sure to love.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

What do you love about RPGs? For most people, it would be the sense of progression, building a new kingdom, taking on big monsters and bosses and showing that the player is worthy of great recognition. Few games give that to you like the Final Fantasy XV mobile game.

Here you are quickly drawn into adventure with the FFXV strategy game. You begin by building up your kingdom and ensuring that it’s suitable for attack and defense. This is done by teaching your wizards new spells, developing traps and training your army to take on foes. Your hero is sent out on the biggest quests, taking on the hideous bosses to win glory and loot.

Players are encouraged to team up with local kingdoms and form a guild, and there are even bonuses for being an active guild member. You can also attack adjacent kingdoms to get items and to show that you’re the strongest.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper

The Pen and Paper series of RPGs has been around on the mobile marketplace for years. Their newest game, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, takes a new twist on the normal RPG setting. Instead of a fantasy setting where technology takes a backseat to swords and magic, you are launched into space. You still get to use magic and all your favorite RPG weapons, but now you’re using them against aliens and you’re riding on a spaceship.

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Like other games in this series, it takes heavily from traditional RPGs by giving you digital dice to the role. There’s even a game master presiding over the whole game. You can change the background, how the game master looks and there are hundreds of random characters to get.

If you’re looking for a game that’s full of imagination and heavy on RPG elements, then this is it.

Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys has been around for a few years. While most games connected to a show or movie aren’t that great, Pocket Mortys transcends the trend by delivering a quality product that RPG fans are sure to like. It’s very similar to Pokémon in that you can go around and collect unique characters, and there’s even a typing system that designates weak and strong attacks. It’s based on a rock-paper-scissors system, so be sure to plan your party and your battle strategy carefully.

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Another great thing is that the game is constantly updating. There are always new characters to get and new missions are being added frequently to keep you busy and entertained. Not only that, but you get all the humor you love from Rick and Morty along with tons of references to episodes, gags and weird side characters brought up throughout the show.

Whether you love Rick and Morty or want to play a good RPG where collecting and leveling up is the goal, this is a great RPG that mobile users will be hooked on for hours.


The mobile marketplace is full of unique RPGs that have amazing play styles along with high-quality graphics and detailed stories. These three RPGs are amongst the best that you can find and they are sure to give you all that you’re looking for if you’re an avid lover of RPGs.

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