Social media is a huge part of nearly everyones lives nowadays.In fact, in 2016, there were 1.96 billion people worldwide who used social media.You may be in the habit of changing your profile pictures on your social medias every so often, but did you know that, according to a survey taken by Bidvine, on average social media users only change their profile picture once every two years? That may sound crazy, but apparently, its true.

Bidvine talked to and polled 2,000 British social media users and asked them just how often they changed their social media profile pictures on various social media applications and websites.Between websites and applications the answers varied. For instance, people who used Grindr or Tinder tended to update their user profile pictures more often than someone who used Facebook or Twitter.

These stats below were the ones gained by the Bidvine survey:

1.Grindr  2 weeks

2. Tinder  3 weeks

3.WhatsApp  2.5 months

4. Facebook  5 months

5.Instagram  6 months

6. SnapChat 8 months

7.Twitter  1.8 years

8.LinkedIn  2.1 years

9.Plenty of Fish 3.2 years

10. Match.com  4 years

Another surprising stat was that 11% of those polled had profile pictures from ten years prior. And 1 out of 4 people wouldnt want their boss to see their Facebook profile picture (maybe they need to update theirs then).

Because of the surprising stats, Bidvine asked another question to those polled.They asked:If you dont change a profile photo regularly, why do you think this is?The answer?

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49% of people admitted that they wanted to look younger in their profile pictures. Another 62% stated that they had a hard time finding pictures of themselves that they were happy with.

When asked about the survey, the CEO of Bidvine, Sohrab Jahanbani, said:

Looking at the regularity with which people change their profile photos, it appears that older, more conventional dating websites and the networks people use on a regular professional basis, such as LinkedIn and Twitter lag behind, while younger single people are more likely to want to use newer photos.

It appears that people dont change their photos because they struggle to find photos of themselves they like. So with this in mind, Bidvine is setting up pop up photo booths offering free professional photography for those who want to update their social media profile pictures. As we all know, whether its for a wedding, a company headshot or your online profiles, professional photos make a difference. We will be announcing cities and dates for the photo booths on our website shortly.

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