How To Stop Someone From Spying On Your Cellphone?


Are you worried about whether your smartphone is being spied upon? Is someone spying on your phone? Is anyone tracking your calls on your smartphone? Well, it could either just be a skeptical thought or a doubt. However, we do not think there would be an issue in trying to find it out. How to stop someone from spying on my cell phone? That is exactly what we are trying to figure out in this article. The warning signs indicated in this tutorial should help in letting you how to stop someone from tracking your text messages on your phone. Check out the steps below and stop spying on a cellphone.

How To Stop Someone From Spying On Cellphone?

Cell phone spyware detection and removal assume quite an important aspect of staying safe from being hacked upon. Before we can move ahead in knowing how to get rid of phone spyware, let us know how to tell if your cell phone is hacked.

Hackers use Cell phone spy monitor someone else phone without letting them know that they are being hacked. The method would involve the options to check the messages, call logs, browsing history, or social applications. Cell phone spying can be quite helpful in some cases, but by any standard, it is an infringement of one’s privacy. Some antisocial elements can use the phone spyware for revenge or unauthorized access to one’s photos or videos.

How Can You Tell if your Phone is Being Tracked or Spied?

It can be quite easy to indicate that your phone is being spied by someone. There are several signs that can let you know if your number is being spied on. The signs can be quite obvious and can let you know how to stop someone from spying on your cell phone.

Here are the signs that could offer an indication of such an eventuality.

Your phone remains active even on standby

Your phone may be sending messages or doing something on its own even when it is on standby. It may also reboot quite without any reason whatsoever. If you find your phone making noises or the screen light up without any possible reason, it can be a sure sign that someone is monitoring your smartphone. Calls and regular messages apart, your phone should be completely idle when not in use.

Unusual Battery Drainage

Of course, each of the batteries or the smartphone model comes with its own style of functioning. However, if you have been using a phone for a considerable period, you should be aware of the standard battery backup capacity of your battery. In case you observe unusual battery drainage, it can indicate the presence of a cell phone spy app. An excessive battery usage without any apparent heavy usage can be a clear indicator of the fact that someone is spying on your cell phone.

Strange Sounds During Calls

If someone is cell phone spying on you, it could be possible that you may hear some strange sounds during your ongoing calls. Clicking sounds, distant talks, and beeping are some of the sounds that may guide you to the presence of phone spyware. However, such sounds can also be due to poor connection and as such, it may not be the perfect proof to indicate that someone is spying on your cell phone. But, if it happens quite regularly, it can be a concern.

The Phone Gets Warm for No Practical Reason

This can be a further indication to prove that your cell phone is being spied on. Well, it would get warm when it is on charging or you are using any resource-hungry applications or games on it. In case, you have observed unusually warmer phones without any activity worth mentioning, we do not think there should be any doubt about the existence of third-party spy software on your phone.

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Unusually heavy Data Usage

If you are using data on your smartphone (well, everyone does these days), you should be aware of your data usage pattern. In case you find excessive data usage on your smartphone, it could be another indication to prove that someone is monitoring or hacking your phone. A spy app will always need to send the call logs and other data on your data plans. A strange data use pattern can be the sure indication to prove that you are being spied on.

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Your phone is taking unusually long to shut down

Before a smartphone can shut down, it needs to complete a few tasks that are underway. In case your phone is sending data to someone, it will need to finish sending data. That would make it take a while before it actually shuts down. Compare the shutdown times to find if there is any variation.

How to Detect The Spy Software On Your Smartphone?

Well, the spy software has been designed for spying. It would make it obvious that they would never be easy to detect. The only way out would be to check your Applications manager and find any applications that you would find to be unusual. If you doubt spying on cellphone in your case, you may take quicker action to safeguard yourself from further damage.

It may not always be a safer method though. Most of the system apps may appear unknown and uninstalling them can ruin the functionality of your phone. You can try to be safe by hiding the system apps when looking for unusual apps in your Applications manager.

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Android phones are most vulnerable to spy attacks. The open-source nature of the software makes it easy for hackers to install a phone spy app on your device. Go into the Settings app on your phone and look for the Apps. Check the applications installed on your phone and find such apps that look a little unusual. In fact, you can note them down and search for the information on them over the Internet.

If you are sure you have detected an unusual app and want to remove it, clear the cache for the app and then uninstall it straight away. You can always reinstall them if you find it to be a useful app later.

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In Conclusion

How to stop someone from spying on my cell phone? How to protect my phone from spying? Is that is precisely what is worrying you? The indicators above should provide you a perfect idea of whether if someone is tracking your phone. If you have indeed located an app, take precautionary actions right now and stay safe. Spying on a cellphone is a privacy infringement and you need to deal with it seriously.

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Finding it impossible to remove the spy app on your device and are sure that you are being spied upon? The last resort to get rid of them would be to reset your phone. Please note that such an action will erase all the data from your phone. But, isn’t it a safer option than sacrificing your privacy?