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If you have a closer look, then the iPhone is more of an app phone than a smartphone. Today,  the iPhone has more than one million apps out of which all are the must-have app, but have you actually tamed the time so well that you have all the time in the world to experience those apps? What you can do at this moment is to have the apps, which best help you in your hobbies, entertainment, responsibilities and steal all the fun in the world. Out of years of experience, innumerable tests and comparisons, the following are the best iPhone apps, which will rock your world.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express: Photography and editing are creating an adrenaline rush in everyone; therefore, Adobe PhotoshopExpress has proved to be the best app for iPhone. It is a free application for the iPhone and iOS devices. It has got many features and is capable of reducing noise in the pics also.
  • BillGuard: Being one of the best financial apps, BillGuard connects you with your online credit card statement and the flags merchants. Till now, there is no news of other companies providing an app better than Billboard.
  • Adobe Acrobat reader: Being a free app, it allows you to view and edit pdf in your iPhone. It manages documents from emails, web, convert files, access passwords, and protect forms.
  • ly: It lets you create a number of fun-lips videos. Your search for any song, create the video on your favorite song and you can even share your videos on various social networking sites. Overall, it is the best time to pass the app.

The above-mentioned are the best iPhone apps, which are worth having with you. To know more about them, you can look for them in the iOS app store.

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