Starting a News Website? Go Through These Tips First


Starting a news website can be tricky. From collecting news to hiring news writers to take care of different technical aspects, there are plenty of things you will have to think in advance.

Starting a News Website

This post covers some great tips that will guide how you can plan for a news website.

  1. Create a Business Plan

Like every business, a news website also needs a creative business plan. A good business plan gives your business a better direction and maps out strategies to reach the goal.

Launching a news website is similar to launching a print newspaper. Have a clear mission for your publication. Your mission can be anything, for example, educating people about local politics, announcements made by the government, etc. You can also choose to start a news website that is purely entertainment-based.

Once you know which niche you want to go with, you can better plan for generating revenue. You should create a business plan to outline revenue strategies that might include things such as paid subscriptions, selling advertisements, producing sponsored content, etc.

2 Choose A Reliable Website Building Platform

To execute your business plan, you need an equally good website building platform. The market is full of website building platforms. Look for the one that seems convenient according to your business plan. It is recommended to go with WordPress. Not only this platform is free to use but also quite user-friendly. Moreover, it has a big active community that offers support for different WordPress-related issues

So that your WordPress website can function properly, choose the right web hosting service as well. This list brings the comparison of some of the best web hosting providers of the industry. You may go through it to find the right hosting service for you.

Also, choose a domain name for your news website carefully. Make sure it is relevant, short, and easy to type.

  1. Get a Beautiful Design

After choosing a website building platform, designing is something you should be focused on. Designing is an important aspect of starting a news website. WordPress has a number of themes that you can use particularly to start a news website.

NewsPro, NewsMage, IsleMag, News Portal, NewsCard, ColorMag are a few popular WordPress themes that let you create a professional-looking website theme.

Along with the theme, choose the right plugins as well. WordPress plugins help you expand the functionality of your site without using any web codes. For a news website, you can install plugins like Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, Responsive Community Calendar, WP-Polls, Kraken Image Optimizer, etc.

  1. Create An Attractive Media Logo

The journey of starting a news website begins with getting a creative media logo. A logo says a lot about the quality of your website and the honesty of your news content. Since you can’t change your logo every day, you should focus on designing a logo that is well-designed, simple, and defining your brand.

  1. Use Calls to Actions

Using calls to actions on your website helps you make your goals clearer to visitors. If you want your users to sign up for your newsletter, add a call to action button for the same on your main page. On the other hand, if you want them to go through new products or services, you can tell them so.

  1. Target a Niche Audience with Original Content

Content is king. If you want your website to be successful, try to identify a unique niche for your news website. Make sure the niche you choose has strong potential for readership and advertisers. One of the best approaches to reach a niche audience is to focus on local news like community newspapers do.

Another approach is, you can identify a topic associated with the national and international audience. Choose a topic that attracts readers most. The better your reach a niche audience the higher traffic you receive on a website.

  1. Establish Your SEO Media Profiles

Publishing attractive and relevant content is not sufficient. If they are not being read by the target audience what is the benefit of creating them. Social media platforms can help you promote your content among the right audience. Be active on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram to reach more audiences.

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To attract more people on social media platforms, write a creative social media post. With good social media writing skills, you can easily build an instant and loyal audience via social media channels.

That’s all you need to start a news website.