How to start your own Instagram blog


Instagram blogging is often referred to as microblogging. This is rightly so since you can earn just as those who have personal or business blogs. To put this into perspective, those who have more than 15000 active followers on Instagram can make around $200 per sponsored post.

Many people wish to have an Instagram blog but have got no idea how to start it. The good news is that starting an Instagram blog isn’t as hard as many would want to imagine. This post spells out the steps you need to follow to successfully start an Instagram blog.

Create an account

The very first step to start blogging on Instagram is to create an account. This is a straight forward thing and does not need much time. You will need to have a good username to start with, though you can change it anytime you want. At the same time, you need an active email address to create an account. If you want to brand yourself as a blogger on Instagram, then it is advisable to use your full name as the username.

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Choose your niche

One secret to growing your Instagram blog is ensuring that you consistently give them relevant content, and not confusing them with different kinds of content every time. To be able to do this, you will have to decide on the niche that you will be blogging in. If you choose technology, for example, then you have to ensure that you consistently write on matters technology.

By sticking to the same niche all the time, your audience can stick and around and can keep coming back, knowing that they will get some relevant content on your Instagram blog. But if you are someone who writes on almost anything that comes to your mind, then chances of the existing audience unsubscribing are quite high.

Have a good bio

Within your Instagram profile, right below your picture, you will have a place where you can write a little snippet of text, popularly known as the bio. You need to take every opportunity to ensure that you give people a reason to follow you on Instagram. Let people know the kind of person you are, the things you stand for, and what you serve. Note that all these need to be covered in only 150 characters, so being precise and straight to the point is of the essence.

Work to have enough followers

The success of an Instagram blog depends entirely on the number of followers you have. It does not matter the niche you choose, the quality of content you post, or anything else; if you do not have enough followers, then you cannot expect to succeed as an Instagram blogger. While we understand that it might be quite hard to get followers, you can opt to buy Instagram followers from online vendors. This is a common practice for successful Instagram bloggers.

Ensure you get attractive photos

Instagram, unlike most other social media platforms, is a visual platform. On this platform, the photos your post has the biggest say on what your audience does with your posts. As you try to establish your Instagram blog, you must ensure that the images you post are visually appealing, and must have your brand’s identity design. Brand identity design is critical as it helps other users quickly and easily identify your photos even before the check to prove that they are yours.

Write quality Instagram blog posts

Before you start blogging on Instagram, you must first understand that you can only write up to 2,200 characters per blog, also called a caption. On Instagram, you don’t always have to write blogs that are that long. Instead, focusing on short and thought-provoking blogs is the real secret to successful Instagram blogging. And as you write, you need to be very keen on the first sentence and the call-to-action line; these two are what can make or break your blog.

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Usually, the first sentence needs to be short and thought-provoking. Readers shouldn’t need to click-to-view more. It should capture the reader’s attention once they see it. Then the last line, called call-to-action, CTA), should tell the readers what you would like them to do. This can be to ask them to leave a like, comment, share, and so on. But make sure you tell them what you want from them.