Standing Desk as the Ergonomic Work Space


The office tables with lifting mechanisms are the advanced computer tables, using which customers can conveniently work both when sitting and when standing. A simple-looking automated office standing desk on two, three, and even four table legs (depending on the desk frame construction chosen) is equipped with a special linear motion mechanism dedicated to lifting the tabletop. This is a perfect solution for those who have decided to work in standing positions.

Standing Desk Benefits

Only one button click – and the working surface of the standing desk with all the necessary equipment placed on its surface rises immediately. The monitor, keyboard, and mouse – all can conveniently stay laying on the tabletop surface when you need to change the tabletop height.

Two major benefits that make this easy transformation convenient are:

  • monitor – at the eye level;
  • the keyboard – at the elbow level, so that elbows could lie on the countertop.

Desk accessories

The standing desk technology is becoming popular among office workers, freelancers because it is comfortable and allows customers to take care of their posture and the health of their spine even at work. These lift tables are also appreciated by schoolchildren who need the appropriate workspace that can regularly be adjusted to the needs of the fast-growing body. Thanks to this height adjustment option a single standing desk can genuinely serve the same person from early childhood to adulthood.

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Easy-Controllable & Efficient to Work

There are various combinations of options when choosing the standing desk construction that would satisfy all needs. These motorized office tables with electric height adjustment are equipped with:

  • stable and durable table frame with an electric linear actuator built-in;
  • worktop with ergonomic wire grommets;
  • remote control;
  • electric extension cord.

A height-adjustable table has several advantages:

  • It transforms smoothly and quickly;
  • Adjusting the height of the table to fit your height is easy. There is no need to get up, bend down and look for a lever, as, for example, in cases of tables equipped with a gas lift, or turn the knob to raise the countertop. A control panel with 4 buttons simplifies operation;
  • Lifting actuators operate quietly;
  • Practical – allows working in sitting and standing positions;
  • Reliable and stable – the countertop is large and while standing, you can freely lean on the edge of the table not worrying that actuators will crash.
  • You can save in the memory of the control system up to  4 positions of the height of the working surface, at which you are comfortable to work.

What Useful About Computer Table with Height Adjustment?

Height-adjustable standing desks emerged from the idea of ​​preventing spinal diseases of people working a lot while sitting. The invention has successfully solved the problem of comfortable work while standing – allows customers to alternate sitting & standing positions during working hours. To develop optimal design parameters, the creators of the table with variable height consulted with orthopedists, neurosurgeons, phlebologists and sports traumatologists.

Benefits of Work with Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Flatback. If the height of the table is selected according to the customer’s height, he/she does not need to lean towards the monitor.
  • The monitor, whether a customer sits or stands, will be installed correctly – at the eye level. The load on the cervical spine will decrease.
  • The elbow joints in two sitting & standing positions will lie on the countertop, and this is the correct position of the hands, in which the static muscle tension is removed.
  • With a height-adjustable progressive desk, the work efficiency increases by an average of 30 percent.
  • Feel the improvement of your well-being and mood after a month of work in a dynamic pose.

When choosing a table with electric height adjustment, it is important to consider: tabletop size, height adjustment range, load capacity, and rigidity of the construction. Think progressive and use height-adjustable technologies to increase your efficiency and stay healthy all the time.

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