SQLBak Review Say No to SQL Database Loss

Taking the backup from server side is really frustrating and time-consuming. Its the part of daily routine for a network administrator. Do you know you can automate this process?

Yes, I am going to talk about automating SQL Server Backup. If you are looking for this kind of solution, you have landed at the right place.

I am talking about a tool to help you backup SQL database. You can either schedule your backup or let it do automatically and keep track on its performance. You can even restore backup in case of uncertain events.

SQLBak is what we are going to talk about. It is a SQL backup utility to meet all your SQL needs, including SQL server backup.

Getting Started with SQLBak

SQLBak makes a solid shield to protect your SQL Server database and keeps it active 24—7 despite the data loss or unwanted situations. This highly efficient and user-friendly program allows you to backup SQL server database with few simple steps within less time. You can easily recover the damaged or corrupt database with tablet or smartphone.

It also sends alerts about the status of backup and your client or company database. You just have to set notifications with your email ID and get quick alerts if database is inaccessible or anything goes wrong.

The tool includes easy-to-follow setup to install the program on your machine. However, you also have to register on official website of SQLBAK.com to get a personalized dashboard.

Later on, you will have a secret key to connect between your online account and SQL database. With this tool, you can link your current cloud hosting account. You will get a fresh account even if you are not already registered. You need to undergo this process to secure your database and restore if your offline data is lost.

How it Works?

Using the software is very simple. Just download the setup (just 6 to 7 MB) and install the program on your PC. Now you have to register at the official site for a secret key and to use it.

If things go well, a confirmation box will ask you to proceed. Now you need to click  Add New Job on the top right corner of the dashboard. Pick the desired server and choose a medium of authentication, for example using Windows authentication or SQL server authentication. Click on Test button once you are done.

If everything goes well, it will show a dialog box Connection Successful and ask to proceed when it comes to configuring other parameters available. You can enter different parameters, such as the status of SQL database and email address. You may want to pick your desired hosting account.

Now choose your preferred cloud hostings option, such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, and OneDrive. You can also backup your data on External or Internal Hard Drive. You can also schedule your preferred data and time to backup your data automatically.


It seems the company knows it very well as what their clients want. So, SQLBak has got the interactive interface and self-explanatory wizard. You can easily do it yourself.

With this wizard, you can easily understand what to do next and how. Its dashboard is self-explanatory and very interactive. Here, each and every option has a respective function. You can easily understand the parameters like date, time, emails, and machine. The whole process takes only 2 to 3 minutes to start with least efforts.

Final Verdict

SQLBak delivers the best performance as it comes with some powerful features which are usually not found in any other program. You can have total control of its functions and store everything without having to use high-performance CPU. You just have to register on SQLBak and use the mobile device to restore the recent backup without any trouble.

Another best thing of SQLBak tool is that it gives 128-bit SSL encryption to provide 100% safety of your sensitive information. No matter what you do, everything will be fully secured and keep hackers from decrypting or intercepting data.

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It is the very useful utility for automated backup and easy to restore or retrieve corrupt database on the go. Now you know all the features of SQLBak. It allows you to backup two databases only for free. You may upgrade it to premium later.For more detailed guide visit this link