3 Simple Ways to Spy on Your Wife’s Text Messages


If you are facing any issues in the relationship with your wife then it would be better if you make sure of everything. If you have any doubts about your wife then the best way to clear up things is to access her phone text messages. Now, the main concern is how you would be able to spy on your wife’s text messages without telling her?

Getting access to your wife’s text messages in front of her will not be a good idea. So what to do now for spying on the phone device of your wife without letting her know? Using phone spying apps will make it easy for you to spy on text messages of your wife. Not familiar with spying apps? Well, these are the spying services that users do subscribe to in order to track any phone device according to their preferences. Many spy companies working in the market, let’s find out the top 3 spyings apps that would be ideal for using any of them to spy on messages of your Wife.

1- Spyier- World’s Trusted Spying App

Spyier is the solution to your all problems, you can use this spying app to spy on your wife’s cell phone to monitor her text messages. This tool can be used by every person who uses mobile or any web browser because this is a web-based spy app. Spyier is offering a complete and advanced spying solution to millions of customers around the World. If you want to spy on your wife’s text messages, try the best text spy app ‘Spyier’. Stealth mode is what hides this app automatically after getting installed on any smartphone device.

Spying App

Spyier phone spy app can be easily used without having any prior experience or knowledge. This tool can be used to hack any type of phone running any OS like this app is supported for both Android and iPhone. Spyier app doesn’t compromise or store your data like this spy app can be considered as the safest spy app in the market. 35 features included in this latest phone spying app, let’s find out the main core features of this phenomenal spy app.

Main Spyier’s Features

There are dozens of quality and professional spying features provided in this spy app but let’s have a look at the top 3 features of Spyier.

Call Spying- Monitoring calls records like incoming calls, outgoing and missed calls can be seen in the call log. Timestamps of every call along with most engaged contact can be viewed using this amazing feature.

Message Spy- This is the feature that you can use to spy on your wife’s text messages. Using this powerful feature, you can view all messages either normal messages, deleted messages or iMessages. Viewing media content of messages is also supported in this spy app.

Location Spy- You can also track the phone’s location by grabbing the data on the basis of GPS and WiFi. This spy app will give you the precise address and coordinates of the phone location. Support for viewing locations in the 3D street view provided as well.

Besides these 3 features, Spyier is offering dozens of more spying features for giving full monitoring control to the users. Social media apps, third-party apps, web history, SIM location, and many other things can be tracked using this fantastic spy app. Remember that unlike other spy apps, Spyier doesn’t ask its users to Root or Jailbreak their phone device.

2- Minspy

Minspy is getting very popular in the market because of the inclusion of quality and professional spying services in this app. This app is getting established on a global stage to compete with all modern spy apps. Minspy believes in providing a safe and legal spying app without engaging users in any sort of problem or issue.

Track Android and iPhone using the Minspy spy app without requiring any experience or hacking knowledge. Modern technology and the latest mechanisms are used in the development of this spy app. It can be used by parents, companies or individuals according to their requirements. Minspy spy app is the app that users trust and rely on to track anyone’s cell phone without getting detected.


Spyic is one of the leading spying companies in the World, the quality and standard of the spyic spying app is truly amazing. There are many spying features included in this app that are designed according to the user’s requirements Spyic totally runs on stealth mode which makes this app undetectable from the device’s owner.

Spying App

No Root or Jailbreak is required to spy on a cell phone device. Spyic phone monitoring solution gives you the freedom to track whole phone devices. Including calls, messages, location, apps and much more. There are no restrictions regarding any app or information. So users can track all kinds of information they want to grab. Spyic is also a stealthy app for providing undetectable spying services to its users around the World. So, you should consider this reliable and safe spying app to track any target device.

Remember that you can try the ‘Demo’ version of all these 3 spying apps. Click on the Demo option on their official websites. All apps are safe and trusted. In terms of use so you can try out any of them to spy on any phone device in any way you want to track. Visit official websites of these apps to get to know more about how these apps work for spying on any device.

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In conclusion, we can conclude that Spyier, Minspy, and Spyic providing quality spying services without involving any risk. All apps support the monitoring of iPhone and Android devices without having any compatibility issues. These apps run on stealth mode. Hence, you will not get caught. It makes these app 100% undetectable. Consequently, you can try any of these apps to monitor your wife’s text messages. Location, and other information without getting detected.