Split Screen Mode of iPad will be revealed by Apple in June


Again we came across a rumor that Apple will reveal the split-screen mode of iPad in June. According to the latest report, Apple is working on a number of software and hardware updates that will bring a new life to the old generation iPad’s.

Reports of 9to5mac say’s, Cupertino giant is working over a project which will allow the dual-screen mode in the devices. This dual-screen mode will also allow you to have multiple login screens. Reports also said that Apple is also working on the iPads with 12-inches codenamed “J98” and “J99”.

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In June, Apple will launch a preview of iOS 9 and we hope that they will disclose this new split-screen technology as well. As per the plans, this split-screen technology will divide the screen in 1/2, 2/3 and 1/3 views and according to the app. After splitting the screen will show multiple apps or multiple screens of one single app. This will allow the safari browser to show multiple tabs as well.

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The report also released a warning with this feature that it may need some more polishing and sharpening before launching it publically. Reports also said that Apple is working on jumbo size devices which will have a huge display of 12-inches. These may support Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi along with cellular communication.


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