Review of the Sortly Business Inventory App


Times are changing fast, and technology keeps getting more sophisticated even as it helps make our lives easier. You no longer have to feel the pressure of having to remember everything in your day-to-day to-do list with the help of the various applications to do that for you. This is where the Sortly inventory App for Business and home inventory comes in. The simple nature of the app to utilize its inventory tracking features is impressive.

Sortly is a smart inventory tracker that works to help you manage your business and home inventory app. This application is available for both the iOS and Android users and works excellent for both Individual and Business purposes. It is also available on desktop (web) and tablet. You can even use the app for both purposes at the same time.

Sortly App

The name of the application suits it perfectly considering the list of benefits and features that it serves. The application helps you sort out your stuff and enables you to distinguish your items through details that you include such as prices, quantity, location, etc. You are basically in control of the data you feed the application. You never have to worry about any of the simple maddening things in life like forgetting to buy something from the store, making an inventory, or leaving some items behind while moving. And all you need to do is organize the items in it and keep track of them with only a few clicks.

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The application’s user interface is also pretty neat and user-friendly. After downloading the application from the iOS or Google Play Store, the first prompt is what you intend to use the app for. The two options are Personal Use and Business Use. You also see a section where you can input your email to link your inventory across multiple devices. This is a great option especially if you are the type who works with many devices at a time. You can also choose to ignore this option and head straight to the app.

On the main interface of the app, you find all these different folders that you can customize according to your preferences. Using something like this saves a lot of time and energy that you can then use in more productive activities and home and your business.

How It Works

The Sortly application works in 4 simple stages. They include:

Just snapping a photo of an item, create a clear and simple folder for it.

  • Categorize or sort it, save it, and then search – In this step, you can group your items as you like and even add more items in the category if you want
  • Label your items accordingly – you are free to create custom labels and connect and track the items using QR codes. This is possible with single items as well as boxes that are labeled.
  • Backup your data – the app also has an export option where you can back up your data and sync it on another device later on which is excellent and very convenient.

Sortly for Business Use

Here, the application works more to help you organize and categorize your assets. Many businesses have had to face countless hours trying to recover lost or misplaced inventory which they cannot account for at one time. And that is where Sortly Pro for business does the job and very well at it too. The app’s features can help a company to organize and manage its audit inventory, trails, and documentation of all its assets. You no longer have to worry about keeping track of your inventory as the Sortly Pro does all of that.

Sortly for Individual Use

You can also use Sortly to catalog your household items like furniture, clothes, and other collections. This is the ultimate app to have if you are moving places. Simply key in every item and let Sortly do the tracking for you. It is also great for people who are just bad at organizing their stuff. Let the app do the work for you.

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You even have the option of adding notes and other more detailed information about your items so that you can locate your items more easily. It is basically a master at organizing items. After keying in your inventory and other household items, the application handles the rest of the work.

Other features

  • In-built barcode scanner

The app also has a built-in scanner for the Sortly Pro that you can use to lookup items. The QR scanner supports ISBN, EAN and UPC barcodes which is pretty awesome and helps you escape the work of having to type in all your items in the app.

  • Simple inventory organization

The app offers the consumer the option of organizing inventory into folders and even subfolders that can go for up to 5 levels. Primarily, this is meant to provide a more flexible categorization method for the consumer and make it a lot easier to track an item in the app.

  • Attractive visual inventory

Sortly’s user interface is simple and easy on the eye. This makes it easy to use and relate to as the consumer of the product. Everything about the interface is simple and easy to understand. You will not need help navigating through any of its simple and easy to navigate options.

  • Multiple photos per item

You can add up to 8 different pictures for each of your items or folders. This can help a great deal in terms of tracking your inventory. You also have the option of pinpointing a single item in a sea of items with its customizable, resizable arrows for its photos.

  • Track loaned items

You can also track your loaned items and even set reminders for the date you expect them back and when you actually do. This allows you to keep track of all the inventory that you have loaned out, so you do not forget about them altogether.

  • Backup and sync

You can backup and sync your data to the cloud and access this data across multiple devices. The option to automate the backup process is brilliant as well, especially for business purposes. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date and accessible across your multiple devices. You also have the option to share your Sortly data with others. This feature is currently only available on the Sortly Pro and Plus package. The free package does not come with this particular feature.

  • Notes and tags

The application also comes with custom fields that you can use to add extra information about an item. This enables you to locate the items more efficiently which is impressive as it helps save you a lot of precious time. The extra notes and tags options also help to distinguish specific items from other stuff to quickly track down things.

  • Multiple accounts

The Sortly Pro package plan includes up to 3 user accounts. This allows up to three people to have controlled access to the account and manage the important inventory. From there, should you wish to add more users to the account, then you will have to pay an additional fee of 3$ per month. That is relatively affordable considering that it will help make your business run a lot smoother and more efficiently.

  • Web access

This feature is currently only available in the Sortly Plus package. But it is an excellent option for the users who wish to access their data on the web using their computers. It is especially beneficial for the business users who would want to view their inventory on a larger screen and use the keyboard to organize their items better.

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The Sortly Plus plan has more plans than the free plan. Some of the extra features that are not included in the free plan are:

  • Accessing your data on the web using a pc
  • Backup and Syncing your data across multiple devices
  • Saving, sharing or printing your data to export as PDF, CSV, Evernote, or Dropbox
  • Pricing of $3.99 per month or $47.99 per year

The Sortly Pro plan offers all the features of the app and is preferred and recommended for business purposes. Its features include:

  • It has all the Sortly Plus features
  • Has alerts and reminders
  • Can check in and out items
  • Has multi-user access
  • Can track user account and history
  • Has customizable fields
  • Connect to 3rd party barcodes
  • Gives customer access
  • Manage the user permissions
  • Offers bulk support through CSV
  • Can add business logo and colors
  • Can generate folder-based reports
  • Export PDF, CSV, Dropbox, and Evernote
  • Accepts international currencies


Sortly has three individual plans that you can utilize depending on what you intend to use the app for.  These include:

  • The Free Plan – this plan only allows you to add a maximum of 100 items. You can also just use the app on a single device to maintain your inventory. This plan also only supports the local phone storage feature. You still have the option of adding custom tags and notes. This package has a limited customer support level plan.
  • The Plus Plan – this plan charges $3.99 per month and includes unlimited items to your list. You can also sync your data across up to 3 different devices. The plan restricts you to only one user. You can also use Sortly’s web features using your pc. This package has a standard customer support level plan.
  • The Pro Plan – this plan enables you to use up to three devices at a time and can be used by up to three different users on one account. It also offers an additional fee of $3 per added user. It charges $25 each month and is best suited for businesses. You also get to enjoy the web access feature using this plan. Your customers will also have access to view your items. You can track your items and inventory using barcodes and labels. There is also the option of adding your business logo and can recover any lost data. This plan has a priority-level customer support team.

The Pros of using Sortify

  • You get to use the added unlimited feature for the Pro and Plus Sortify plans as opposed to the free plan which only allows for up to 100 items.
  • The Pro plan has the check in and out option for items using the built-in scanner.
  • You can also import your reports to CSV and PDF files. This feature is available in the Pro and Plus plans and comes to be pretty handy when you want to share your data across multiple devices or with other colleagues. You also have the option of exporting your data to your email where you can then share it with others.
  • You can also add your product information on the app. You can include the return date, warranty, and even the expiry date of your items. All of these fields are customizable and is an excellent way of keeping track of your items and other business inventory.
  • You have the option to categorize and label the boxes and folder in the app as you please to make your work easier. You do not have to be a tech expert to navigate your way through the application’s interface.
  • The best feature of this app is that it also includes the free version which is just great. It may only be limited to a few features, but it can still do the work especially if you are using the app for individual purposes.

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The cons of using Sortly

  • So far, the only downside of the app is that it does not have a disposable tracking option.



After getting a hand of the application, you will be surprised at just how easy it is to use. The features are so user-friendly, and the interface is easy to navigate through. You don’t even need to know the basic technical stuff to get a handle on how the application works. As long as you can see and read the instructions, the app is pretty easy to use and navigate.