Soon We will Experience Games as Real World


If you think this is a developer kit, then let us inform you that you are wrong. This is a new Rift Consumer Virtual Reality Headset developed by Oculus. This new device is developed to perform with Xbox One. This device comes with a camera that is installed at the tabletop, this camera used to monetize the LED markers on the headset so that to track your movements.

The Rift is made with the material that is light enough that one can easily hold it one hand. The Rift consists of two small OLED screens along with the removable headphones. The design is so friendly that a person can wear glasses inside it and one can easily replace the part that touches the screen. It possesses an adjustable slider that allows you to adjust the distance between eyes and lens; this is beneficial for people with different face sizes.

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People will surely go crazy on using this. Oculus also disclosed the new touch type handheld controllers that are capable to track motions.

These devices in combination will surely bring a new revolution to gaming and this will transform the experience of entertainment. These devices are made to play Oculus games. Oculus is working on the improvement of these devices so that one can enjoy Gunfire games, EVE, CCP, and insomniac.

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Oculus also want the smaller game developers to develop the game on this platform so that the customers can enjoy almost all type of games with these devices.

Oculus may reveal some more information by this weekend.


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