Some Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A New Laptop


 Buying a laptop is not a peaceful job. It does require enormous tips if you need to avoid mistakes and dissatisfaction combined with bad capabilities. One has to be very specific before choosing a particular model and brand.

According to the variation of laptop brands, prices, configurations, and sizes, there are different types of laptops present in the market. It becomes very much difficult to select the perfect device for your needs.

Here the article describes finding out the common mistakes you need to avoid when buying a laptop so that you do not become a victim.

Does not consider the port numbers:

To reduce the size and cost of laptops, laptop manufacturers negotiate with the port numbers. If you connect many external drives with your laptop, then this feature must be kept in mind when you are going to purchase a new laptop.

It is necessary to have at least 3 USB ports in a standard laptop. As for the laptop comparison at, this feature needs to be considered.

Not Focusing on the apt size:

Purchasing a laptop with the appropriate size is very much important for handling and traveling purposes. The Flexibility of a smaller sized laptop such as 10.4 inches often fascinates us to go for them. But it is difficult to use a small-sized keyboard.

The larger size laptop like 15.6 inches is also not suitable for use. So, it is considered that the quality size of a laptop is near about 14 inches.

Choosing Design over Function:

Often people get attracted by the design rather than the functionality of the devices. The functionality of a laptop depends upon the refresh rate, hardware, screen resolution, cooling, memory, etc.

When you are concentrating on the design, it affects the performance of a device. However, sometimes the design is valuable, but the execution and laptop specs come first.

Buying A New Laptop

Choosing Price over Needs:

If you plan to purchase your new laptop from a renowned store, keep in mind that you are going to buy a machine that has a standard size hard drive and a secondary hard drive as well.

In terms of keeping the price low, the manufacturers who have a less reputation in the market manufacture the laptop with large hard drives and low cost. So, prior to buying a laptop, you have to research a lot about its best features.

Extended Warranties:

Sellers often want to convince you to purchase extended warranties that are, in most cases, useless. An extended warranty is only valuable if you travel with your laptop, and there is a high chance of accidental damage and theft while traveling.

Besides these, the extended warranty is worthless. It normally expires before the warranted hardware is damaged. Avoid the extended warranty and invest the saved money to purchase a better laptop that is perfect for your needs.

Unnecessarily Focusing on RAM Size:

If you intend to buy a laptop for normal or moderate use, then you do not have to go for a configuration that has high RAM. Generally, a device with 4GB of RAM is enough.

But if you want to go for a higher version of RAM, you must buy 8GB of RAM, not higher than this. Higher RAM will cost a high price. Rather than investing money for the RAM, You can invest it for better laptop specs.


In closing, it can be said that all types of technological devices are one type of tool first. So, when you are going to buy a new laptop, it is very much important to know about your requirements. Otherwise, it is difficult to choose the perfect one among the infinite numbers of models available in the market.


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