Find my Phone Problem? Check out these Apps

We understand your find my phone problem. All of those chit-chat, gaming, music and streaming apps make up your phone, and you very well need them, but what if you lost your phone? You’ll be like OMG!! How should I find my phone? But frankly speaking, get these apps and your problem will be solved within a whip.


find my phone

A very well-known app when it comes to naming the best apps to track your phone, features like phone tracking, data wiping, locking make this app stand out, the most salient feature is that you can get a list of calls that were made after you lost your phone and it also automatically turns on the GPS tracking in the phone.

Find my phone

find my phone

Though it’s not an app for mobile, but if you have a wearable device, this might be the best app for you, if your phone-watch connection breaks because of distance extended, this app will be triggered and will start pinging you to check the connection, moreover you can trigger this to ring your phone, in case you left somewhere and forgot.

Android Device Manager

find my phone

You might haven’t considered this app from Google itself, but it aids you in finding the phone, you can locate your device on the map, clear off the data or remote lock the device using this app.

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There are many other apps like ‘avast anti-theft’, ‘where’s my droid’ etc. but you might have to pay for them, but if it were on me like ‘I have to find my phone!!’ I wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks.

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