Social Media Persuasion Techniques to Drive Traffic


Whenever you have something to say, you want to be heard, right? Of course. It doesn’t matter the situation or context, if you have something to say, you’re not just saying it just to say it… you’re saying it because you want to be heard. In the world of social media, being heard means being retweeted, shared, repeated, and valued. In short, your need to be heard is ultimately your goal to influence.

So, if you’re an e-commerce business owner looking to increase traffic to your site through social media, the best way to go about it is to get a clear understanding of the power of persuasion, in regards to social media. The whole point is to make the most out of your online presence to make your followers want to visit your website and convert from visitor to customer, right? Of course. The thing to figure out is how can you do it when there are thousands of other businesses using social media to gain the same attention from followers that you want?

Well, you need to be different from other businesses (easier said than done). Get creative… people with social media accounts are constantly seeing product information with ineffective captions and “limited time only” promos to create a sense of urgency thrown in their faces, which, there’s nothing wrong with that because people loved promos and enjoy seeing new product info but what else can you do to boost your brand and drive more traffic to your site?

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For starters, you can make sure your website isn’t a trainwreck when your followers leave your social media page to visit your e-commerce site. You won’t believe how many business owners lose leads and profits all because of not choosing the right domain name and poor web design. If you’re going to persuade people to leave your Facebook or Instagram page to go to your business website, you have to give them something worth going to.

If your website isn’t where it needs to be, you may need to completely rebuild your website. Luckily, there are several domain name search tools to help you find the right one. These sites are ultimately your one-stop-shop to create your website with all the bells and whistles for success. So before you post a link to your site on your social media page, first make sure it’s worth visiting.

The Power of Persuasion

You’ve heard people talk about the power of persuasion, and well… it definitely is a powerful force. How do you think churches are filled or why do you think lots of car salesman are successful? It’s because of their power to persuade. Ministers in church let the power of their words speak to people to make them continue to come to the church.

Salesmen use their persuasive powers (with a little bit of charm too) to talk to potential buyers and get them to buy a car from them. Persuasion doesn’t necessarily mean deceptive intent, it’s simply conveying a message in a way to make people act in your favor, and with social media, your influence on your followers can have a major impact on your business’ profitability. Take a look at some of the biggest social media techniques to drive traffic to your website.

The Power of Reciprocation

As a child, you were probably taught the “golden rule” of treating others as you want to be treated, right? Well, that same logic applies in the social media world as well. If someone has retweeted you, you should retweet them back; If someone has linked to your business page, you should link to theirs… you see how it works? Reciprocation goes a very long way. The Harvard Business Review states that reciprocation is one of the best ways to keep a consistent presence on social media.

Reciprocation can be used in a manipulative way too but that will only lead to auto-follow bots that will definitely help you reach the masses and get your business out there but the people you reach more than likely could care less about what you have to say and they probably won’t visit your site, and even if they do visit, they’re definitely not going to make a purchase.

The perfect example of this would be Instagram and Facebook. On both of those social media platforms, you’ll get a friend or follow requests from people that you don’t know and if you accept or friend one of those requests, you’ll end up getting 20 more requests from random people you don’t know. That’s not what you want. If you use your reciprocity more strategically and constructively, by promoting your business and products with a no-strings-attached approach, your influence will span way farther than with manipulation.

The Power of Participation

On your social media accounts, one of the best ways to engage with your customers is to get them to interact with you. Maybe you have an e-commerce store selling women’s fashion. A great way to get your followers to interact with you is to ask them engaging questions in some of your posts. For example, you can post a picture of a woman who has a confused look on her face as to what she’s going to wear on her first date.

This opens the flood gates for your followers to really get engaged and give some of their best first date fashion tips. With this type of post, it warrants more than just a yes or no answer. It makes your followers really think about what you asked them. The picture in your post doesn’t show any of your products, it simply shows a woman standing in front of her full-body mirror trying to figure out what to wear.

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The fact that none of your products are posted in the picture will make people want to go to your page to see what kind of date night apparel you have… just post the link to your site in the picture’s caption.

The Power of Humanity

Although you’re a business and a brand, you still don’t want people to think that you’re only out to get their money (even though you totally are). If you know that you have good quality products to sell, then it’s okay for you to take your salesman hat off every now and then and let your business show the humanity in it. The fun thing about sharing a little humanity in your business is that you can show it however you choose to show it. On top of that, it makes you more relatable to your followers and current customers.

When taking this approach, make your posts authentic… you can even poke fun at yourself and at other businesses in your market… everybody loves a little sarcasm and laughter and your followers will thank you for it by visiting your website and filling up their shopping cart!