Snapchat have More Users as Compared to Twitter


Oh how far the world of technology has come today is a phrase, which is used rather commonly in the world nowadays. Whenever the inhabitants of the planet that supports life feel complete and believe that further advancement is improbable, the technological world throws them a curveball. There is certainly no end to development in the realm of technology, as things that seemed to be figments of our imagination are turning out to belong to the spectrum of reality.

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Social media innovation and technological applications or Apps as we like to call it nowadays, know no boundaries. Today, every event/happening can be captured and shared with the billions around us instantly. This is deemed possible by a variety of technological Apps especially the one known as Snapchat.

The app is basically an image sharing and multimedia mobile application that was created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy during their collective tenures as students of Stanford University. It allows users to exchange multimedia messages like mobile images, videos, etc. with a variety of modification effects. Along with short videos, still, images can be exchanged with captions and messages. Evan Spiegel stated that the app was created to communicate the full range of human emotion and that is exactly what it does.

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According to reports, the app hit 10 billion video views in 2016, creating a whirlwind in the world of modern technology. Recent studies concluded that the multimedia service has overtaken Twitter in terms of daily utilization with 150 million users choosing the app over Twitter. This number is a steady increase from 110 million marks in December 2015. Twitter, on the other hand, has seen a reduction in the total number of daily users recently, with 140 million. However, as neither organization releases information regarding their daily users, a Bloomberg report estimated the aforementioned numbers.

Considering the fact that Twitter was founded and launched in 2006, while Snapchat was launched in 2011 shows how far this multimedia app has really come. The organization is younger than Twitter but is on the verge of outperforming the former exponentially. Hence, the organization can tick off one of their goals, as the next milestone would be to equal Facebook 1.9 billion daily users. Achieving that goal may be a gargantuan task even though nothing seems impossible in today’s world of accelerated development.

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Therefore, Snapchat has undertaken stalwart status in the arena of social media apps. The multimedia service provided by this app was certainly unique at the time of its launch and is further keeping up with the stupendous innovations in the modern tech world. The Harry Potter-esque magical world of moving images is emphatically turning out to be real. Alas, humankind can keep on dreaming, as there exists a distinct possibility that those dreams may be transformed into reality.


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