SMS Bomber Online – Detailed Review


As we know, smartphones or cellular phone use SMS or Short Message Service to send and receive the text messages. However, most of us use to send one form of the message at a time, and many services are now accessible, which can efficiently accelerate the frequency and speed of your texting. Among such services or software, SMS Bomber is one of such software applications that can easily duplicate the same text message multiple times and send it to the designated contact. You can download the software online and using your phone’s text messaging functionality send the SMS bombs.

In standard text messaging, cellular companies do not offer SMS Bomber life features. Through app stores and other providers, you can quickly locate the free version of SMS bomber online. It is essential to keep in consideration that programmers or developers often create this software for a particular phone platform. For instance, some SMS bombers work well with iPhone while some gel well with Android smartphones. The software provider of these applications provides clear download instructions which you can follow to get the right SMS bomber app for your smartphone.

What is SMS Bomber?

SMS Bomber as we mentioned earlier is an app which enables you to send unlimited text messages to recipients, without spending a single penny. Mostly, this app is used to send the messages in high frequency, which is also fun or to annoy someone 😉

This app can easily be used as a new tool to annoy someone without doing any actual harm to them.

This app lets you have lots of fun in its way. At one point, you will find SMS Bomber APK a compelling catalyst that fuels the child in us. You can enjoy annoying someone in your contact with this application without causing any harm to the recipient.

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SMS Bomber APK is the software or an app that allows you to send spam messages in bulk to anyone you wish to annoy or tease. This is considered as one secure and safe apps and does not create any hindrance or harm in the functioning of any other installed operating system or apps of the Android or iOS devices.

This app is somewhat similar to that child play when we were kids and used to run away after ringing the doorbell of our neighborhood houses. It is the same experience. So, what are you waiting for go ahead and download the text bomb app today?

How to Use SMS Bomber App?

  • After the successful installation of SMS Bomber APK with the assistance of many available SMS Bomber links online. Click on the downloaded file.
  • Once the app will open a dialogue box, enter the contact number of the recipient to whom you want to send the bulk messages.
  • Most of these SMS Bomber apps or online software provides you three simple options: one to start the process, second to stop the process followed by the third option to select the contact number from the list.

All you need is to enter the number, and you are good to go!

Assessing the messaging cost

In some of the SMS bombs, your cellular provider will charge you the same amount which they charge for a standard text message. If your current mobile plan charges you on per SMS basis then in SMS bomber you will be charged based on per SMS. Then there are mobile plans with unlimited SMS. In this case, also you need to be aware of the charges because with SMS bomber you may be at the risk of running out of unlimited SMS quota.

Cataloging Usage Options

If you intend to use the SMS Bomber, then it is not necessary that you should master some technical skills. All you need is to enter the recipient’s phone number, text message which you want to send and how many messages you want to send to the recipient. The SMS Bomber or SMS flooder like online software is almost similar to the text messages which you send from your smartphone. However, it comes with one exception that instead of sending only one message copy the software duplicates the messages which you wish to send. Also, this software will show you as a sender whenever the recipient receives the message.

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Terms & Conditions Applied

When you sign up with your cellular provider, you agree to the specific terms and conditions of using the service. Such contracts also mention the law of abusing the service or the system. For instance, if you are using Verizon, then you must know that if you use or engage in abusing messaging subsequently, Verizon is authorized to cancel or limit your cellular account. Hence, using the SMS Bomber like software is also, in a way abusing the services of a mobile network. If you use such software excessively then, it can cause you to limit your cellular account, or even you can lose one.

Final Words

If you are looking for one such software that can allow you to tease your best friend or annoy your siblings, then SMS Bomber is kind of fits the description. It is one secure and safe way to send the messages and spam the text message by sending one message multiple times to one recipient. This is one of those apps which will let you have the fun without causing any harm to other Android or iPhone applications.

The SMS bomber iPhone or Android app also does not violate the privacy of the user or the data of the receiver and the sender of the text message. Hence, this is one online application which you can explore for the frolic and fun. So, what are you thinking…download the SMS Bomber app today or use it online.

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