Smartwatch for Smart People – Samsung S2


Samsung is back again to attract its smartwatch customers with its Samsung S2. It is a new smartwatch in reply to Apple Watch. Samsung announced this new smartwatch release in a big conference in New York. A short teaser video is released on YouTube for the customers to know about the features of the smartwatch. The Gear S2 is embedded with apps like sports tracking app, weather app, and time zone app. The company seems to add the heart-rate sensor in its future models. This is one of the best gadgets in 2015.

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Samsung S2 is the modification to Gear S, which has a better-calling facility and 3G radio. Now people don’t have to rely on cell phones for calling, Gear S2 is a versatile smartwatch. This smartwatch offers rounded icons, unlike Apple watch. People don’t want to carry a heavy wristwatch as Gear S. Gear S2 is much lighter to easily carry on the wrist.

This new smartwatch supports both 2G and 3G networks, so it will be a surprise to smartphone lovers. The icons are arranged in a circular way which facilitates the user to round and choose the option. It’s the best coach for people who run on a daily basis. It is built with speaking feature to motivate you like Keep it Up when you run.

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Samsung Gear S2 is the real killer for the Apple watch because of its amazing features. As it has all features of a smartphone, so you don’t need to carry heavy phones after wearing this smartwatch.


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