Smartphone King iPhone 7 May have a Super Speedy 6 Core Processor

Smartphone are getting more and more powerful day by day and with every new release we can see some or the other new and powerful feature added to it. Android phones use very high configuration so that to achieve the best performance from the device. Apple’s devices are currently using dual core processors for their flagship devices. As we already know the performance of Apple’s devices are far superior to android ones with same class of processors.

Apple devices are superior in technology when compared to other smartphones. We can understand this by comparing iPhone and any other Android device with the same level of processors. The smoothness and lag Apple provides in their devices is far beyond the android technology. Apple devices have dual core processors with 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM and they are much faster than Android phone with octa-core processors with 4 GB of RAM.

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As per Weibo tipster, Apple is busy in developing the new A10 processor with six cores. This new processor will be made using 10nm or 14nm manufacturing process. Samsung, intel and TSMC are competing for this orders.

Apple might be planning for something bigger in future and that can be the reason why they are jumping to six core processor directly instead of quad core ones. so let’s see what we get inside upcoming Apple smartphone.

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