7 Top Productivity Smartphone Apps For Students


Technologies are now an irreplaceable part of our lives. We wake up with gadgets and go to sleep with them. It’s only natural to use them to enhance our productivity both during the study and personal time. There are thousands of productivity smartphone apps that may help us do this, but we took the best seven ones that will help you a lot in 2020. We tried to choose them from different areas of life, from studying to finance awareness.

Here is the list of Smartphone Apps For Students that can use.

1. Any.do

There are lots of task manager apps, for busy people and for students in particular. But Any.do is one of the most useful and handy ones. It looks like a to-do list in your smartphone, but it can synchronize with your other devices and apps (such as Google Calendar) through the cloud. You can use it to remind you about your college assignments, deadline on your https://studymoose.com/morality, or just to distribute time for work and rest. Any.do has timed reminders – but in all other aspects, it looks like a paper to-do list, providing you a familiar experience of drawing lines between the different lists and marking the points done.

2. Evernote

If Any.do is a virtual to-do list, Evernote is a virtual notebook. Its interface is also as close to the real notebooks as possible, simple, and ergonomic. Evernote has lots of features especially for students, is available for all the mobile platforms, and also is a great organizer of PDF files, text files, images, and videos. You may put them into Evernote like you put bookmarks into your paper notebook.

3. MyHomework

MyHomework is also a task manager, but it is created especially for homework and study schedule tracking. This planner helps you manage assignments, arranging them from the top priority to the least important ones, set due dates, and reminders about them. It can also be connected to Teachers.io – a program for teachers – and receive the general group announcements about the lessons and tasks, adding them to your schedule automatically.

4. Noisily

It might seem to be not as practical as the other ones in the list but Noisily is an equally helpful app. It generates the ambient sounds that urge the human brain to work – or relax, depending on your need at the moment. There are lots of sounds of nature, like rain, thunderstorm, forest or meadow sounds, and simple ambient music pieces that will help you concentrate or, on the contrary, let your thoughts rest and relieve the stress.

5. CamScanner

CamScanner is a great app for transforming handwriting into text. It allows users to scan any documents: from notes to printed advertisements from the pictures or camera snaps, and transform them into text. CamScanner also preserves most of the text alignment and graphic pieces, so you’ll get the final result looking very similar to the original. You may save it as PDF and then use it as an average document.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most famous apps for writing. It is your pocket editor that will correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, fix the overly long sentences, offer some synonyms for the repeating words, and finally check your text for plagiarism. Grammarly is much more potent than your average grammar checking program, pre-installed in your smartphone, and it is definitely worth trying.

7. Mint

Students aren’t only people who study a lot, and they are usually people who need to be careful with their expenses. Mint helps you to manage your wallet, collecting all your personal accounts under one online app, tracking spending habits, and making offers about your budget for the next months. It can also be connected to your bill tracking and send you notifications about the due date for bills, low balance, or extra spending that may make a hole in your budget.

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These are only a few thousand really useful apps you may install on your smartphone to make your life easier. We hope that we gave you some direction for doing your own research and finding the right app that suits your personal needs – be it a wallet tracker, a task manager, or something else, that will help you with your unique needs.