Smart Water Pitcher Brita – A Smart Gadget

The world we live in is witnessing development at an alarming yet progressive pace. From infrastructure to finance as well as household activities, all our routine tasks are now made easier with the help of manifold gadgets that we own and utilize. For example, just two decades ago, clicking a picture would require you to carry a camera and consequently develop the films to obtain the photograph. However, today we perform this task and much more instantly with the help of our smartphones. Honestly, all the gadgets we use are getting smarter. A recent addition to the list is smart water pitcher brita.

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What is the smart water pitcher brita?

This revolutionary product might not seem like a development at face value but is a pioneer in the field of household hacks. Let us explain how it functions. Basically this pitcher stores and pours water like any other pitcher. However, there is a smart function added to it.

With the use of a Wi-Fi connection, this pitcher tracks the number of times water is filtered through its filter. As soon as 40 gallons of water are filtered through this pitcher, it automatically orders new filters for you from Amazon!

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Origin of the Product

Brita has always been a company of high reputation and brand value in the containers and household equipment sector. This firm is famous for its durable and progressive collections in kitchenware too. However, for once, their latest product does not focus majorly on superior materials and design.

This product aims to be smart and make a task as common as pouring water easier for you. Brita teamed up with Amazon to combine the best of material strengths with the excellence, marketing, and service of the global retail giant; Amazon. The product of this culmination is smart water pitcher brita.

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How to order this product

You can purchase the Brita Infinity Pitcher online on the official website of Amazon. This will allow you to be a part of the revolutionary smart system that is on offer with the pitcher. For the automatic replenishment function, you will have to sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment, a process you can complete online within a span of minutes. After this, your pitcher will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi and detect requirement of filters. As soon as this requirement is triggered, a new set of filters is ordered automatically.

While you would expect a smart gadget  and a revolutionary one in its segment at that  to cost you a bomb, the reality is entirely different. The price of a Brita Infinity pitcher is a sensible $45. For $45, you can procure this smart pitcher and make your filter replenishment process entirely automatic. The pitcher has a capacity of 8 glasses of water, which means you can roughly fill it up about 80 times before you require new filters. A new filter will cost you $6 only.

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