Simple MP3 Downloader Free – A comprehensive review


There have been huge changes in the way we have enjoyed our music – digital music, to be precise. There are many avenues that we can use to download and listen to music. In fact, music downloads help us in more ways than one.

First of all, you do not need to carry a bagful of CDs. Thousands of tracks can now fit into a palm-sized device just like that. There are several apps and sites that help you download MP3 files. A plethora of apps makes it difficult for us to pinpoint and opt for an app that really deserves to be one of the best – especially so with so many fake apps and an equal number of poorly designed ones.

Simple MP3 Downloader Free is one app that stands apart on the list and offers you promising features. We will analyze the app in finer detail in the following paragraphs.

Simple Mp3 Downloader

Simple MP3 Downloader Free – A Unique MP3 Downloader

Well, this is an app that lets you download your favorite music tracks straight from the internet onto your Android device. Maybe the app does not have some of the features that the high-end applications may have on offer. The following paragraphs will list out the best features of the app along with a few shortcomings it may have.

Simple MP3 Downloader Free – What exactly is it?

Well, you might have understood it as of now. Simple MP3 Downloader Free is an MP3 downloader app that lets you download the MP3 tracks of your choice onto your Android device.

A perfect and simple app is a powerful tool for saving your favorite music tracks for offline listening pleasure. It comes with smoother performance and delivers exactly what it promises to. And yes, we would hasten to add that the app can double up as your default music player as well.

Ease of use and performance

True to its name, the app is quite simple. Being a mobile app, it has a cleaner interface. There aren’t any cluttering menu structures nor does it come with any ads.

The design is quite nice and pleasing to your eyes. In fact. it is one of the biggest names in the free music apps industry. The largest collection of titles is another feature that makes it one of the prime choices for your needs in music downloads.

In terms of performance, it is again a great app you can bank upon. You can easily search for your favorite songs. Using this app is quite easy. The search bar lets you type in the song you are searching for. Simple MP3 Downloader has an enviable collection of tracks.

What we liked the most is the fact that you need not remember the entire song title to be able to search for it. You can just enter a keyword to find the song. In fact, even the artist’s name can be enough at times along with a couple of words of the song.

Some salient features of the App

Simple MP3 Downloader is a good app indeed. It does pack in itself some of the features that make it stand a little taller among the competition. A few features that set it apart can be summed up as –

  • It is Completely Free – The app is completely free to use. The app is distributed under a creative commons license and you can be assured of its free nature.
  • Detailed Display – As we said above, the app can work as a default music player. If you are using it as your default music player, it will display all the details about the song being played. The details shown include the name of the artist and album.<M/li>
  • Design – The design of the app is quite to the point. The simple interface is what suits the name of the app – it is quite simple.
  • Great Collection – The app has practically millions of songs. The list of songs is indeed excellent. The huge database of songs is really outstanding.
  • The speed of Performance – The app is faster in performance. As long as you have good internet connectivity, the app will bring up your search results real faster.
  • Predictive Search – Predictive Search is one of the features that we liked most with the Simple MP3 Downloader Free. As soon as you begin typing, the app begins providing you nearest possible search results. This will help you fine-tune your search, or even can save you a few seconds of typing.

Where can I get it from?

Well, the app does not seem to be available on Google Play Store. It may have been restricted because of copyright constraints. You can download it from alternate sources. One of the links from where you can download the APK file includes this source.

And yes, there are no compatibility issues with the app. Right from Android 3.0 to Android 7.0, the app does work on all Android platforms alike.

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The Final Thoughts

The app has garnered a good deal of user base and popularity. What has made it a successful app is the carefully planned strategy that renders the simple app a worthy performer? You can definitely give it a try for all your needs in the music of your choice.

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In fact, the app does not store any songs in its own database. It pulls the songs from different engines. That would make it an agent between the source of the MP3 file and the final consumer like you.

We would definitely egg on you to go for the app for any of your music needs. In fact, it can work both as a music player and a music downloader.

And that is precisely what would be the best feature which makes it a complete music solution for your Android. Moreover, the app is completely free to download and use. That would make it a perfect option as you have nothing to lose.

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If you are not satisfied, you can always uninstall the app, but we are sure you will never do it given the fact that it is a simple, yet full-fledged app.