Scariest Things About Setting Up Your Gaming Area


Getting a new gaming setup is fun. The thrill of building a new PC. Buying different parts and peripherals and turning it into a full desktop setup can be very exciting. To game on our very handmade PC is an experience that cannot be compared to anything. But there is one thing a lot of us forget. And that is we set up our PC but tend to forget about the area in which the setup is. It is very crucial you set up your gaming area to have that aesthetic look. And today we will be talking about setting up your gaming area.

SoundProof your room:

Regardless of where you play games, be it your room, your basement, or have a completely different space dedicated to gaming. You should look forward to soundproofing the area in which you intend to game. There are many benefits of soundproofing your gaming room.

You don’t have to be bothered by others. You can soundproof your room so that the outside noise does not come into your room. This is extremely crucial to do so especially if you are a competitive gamer. As you may need to really focus on the game and listen to every bit of sound coming out of your speakers or headphone. So do consider soundproofing your gaming area.

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The second benefit of soundproofing is actually not disturbing others. If you live in an apartment with thin walls or want to game on your setup with full volume up you definitely should think about soundproofing. The soundproof foams will deaden the noise and will not bother anyone outside of your room. This way you can even game at night without bothering anyone. You can even get the soundproofed foam to match the color of your gaming setup as they can be found easily online and they come in many colors.

Headphone VS Speakers:

This topis is always heavily debated when it comes to gaming. But to be honest I always tend to say this decision depends on yourself. If you don’t want to bother others with the sound you should definitely opt for headphones. If you play games competitively and have to listen to every detail then headphone is the ultimate option for you.

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However, if you are someone with a spacious gaming setup and don’t have to be bothered with disturbing any neighbors or apartment-mates then speakers might be the way to go. Speakers are the choice of the sound system especially if you are a casual gamer. So do think about your condition and go for what suits you the best. Also, don’t spend heavily on the sound system as you can easily get great headphones or speakers at a very reasonable rate online.

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All in all, your gaming area setup should depend on your choice of style and gaming. However, do consider matching the color of the setup. For example, if you have a red and black gaming PC then do match it with a red and black gaming chair, keyboard and other peripherals to match it. And as always keep gaming!