Now Send Videos using Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter, the well-known social media site, has been struggling to manage its work and reputation as four senior executives recently left the board. There have been specific updates in twitter’s media platform, and the company is trying it’s very best to redeem its users by adding extra features which are not expected from the company.

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Twitter messages are getting better and better first the GIFs, and now the video messages and in January itself the CEO announced that the 140 character limit is going to be pulled off and either a larger limit or no limit would be set up in the text messages. This is mostly because uploading images take about 30-70 characters of the 140 and people don’t even have enough words to put up a caption.

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The new feature will allow people to send and capture videos in direct Twitter messages now. People have been anticipating this for a while since Twitter already announced this step in February this year. But now the company has finally started to put things to work on both ios and android apps.

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Twitter is slowly developing into other massive video-based social media platforms which might be a good thing as of expected by the company but it might also take the charm of Twitter being unique at the same time. Anyway, Twitter messages are improving a lot, and you might even get to see an option of twitter call in the future or a separate app for DM’s well who knows.

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