Send a fax online for free with CocoFax


If you want to send a fax and you don’t have a landline, heavy fax machine and costly paper, don’t worry, we have got your back. In this digital world where you can order almost everything online, you have the privilege to send and receive fax online too.

Online faxing is very much like sending and receiving an email online. As you know the internet is a digital platform and fax is sent through telephone lines by analog signals according to conventional methods. So it is not possible to send faxes directly from the internet.

Online faxing services have been developed for converting digital to analog signals to make faxing possible over the internet. In this article you will know about these online faxing services you can use conveniently.

Why online fax services are better than fax machine:

One thing which is compulsory for faxing via both fax machine and internet is fax number. One way to get one is to call the telephone operator and establish a separate telephone line. But the simple and hassle free means is to get one via online faxing services. Some faxing services provide it for free. After a limited time period you have to pay for using that number.

Online services allow you to fax via email from anywhere by using any device connected to the internet. There is no need for a toner, ink and fax machine. These online fax services act as virtual fax machines and do all the work for you.

One of the best online services you can have is CocoFax. In this article you will know in detail how you can fax by using CocoFax.

CocoFax-free online faxing service:

CocoFax is a world leading faxing service. You can try it free of cost for one month. Many faxing services don’t provide all the features you require for faxing. With CocoFax you can send as well as receive fax online. You can use Gmail, and CocoFax web browser for sending and receiving the fax. CocoFax has made it possible to fax directly through Google drive.

It has long term storage capacity and informs you about the successful delivery of fax to the recipient. You can use CocoFax to  send fax online free of cost from your smartphone, laptop or PC whatever is convenient for you. CocoFax is easy to use and feasible. You can have the privilege of choosing a fax number which is convenient for you to remember.

How to fax with CocoFax-online faxing service:

For faxing via CocoFax you need a few things like a Gmail account which you may already have or you can make one within minutes and a fax number. Fax numbers belong to different categories like toll free number, local fax number and vanity number. Vanity numbers are easy to remember so they are mostly in high demand. CocoFax provides you this number online for free. If you have an internet connection you just have to follow a few steps to send fax through CocoFax. You can learn more about CocoFax by following this  guide. First of all you can send fax directly from the CocoFax dashboard.

Step wise guidelines for faxing via CocoFax dashboard:

Step 1: first thing you have to do is, go to CocoFax official web site and click on the free trial for one month option. You will see a new window in front of you after clicking. There you have to choose a fax number.

After that, in the next step you have to enter your first and last name along with your email ID. On this email id you will receive your faxes sent to you by others.

Step 2: after signing up a CocoFax dashboard will open in front of you. For sending a fax you have to click on the ‘new fax’ option.

Step 3: a new window will open. You have to draft your fax here. In different fields enter the information required.

To field: enter the fax number of the recipient which you got from the CocoFax.

Subject field: here entering anything is optional.

Body field: this one is also optional. This will become the first page of fax.

Attachment: now you have to attach the document you want to fax. First scan the documents by a scanned or you can take pictures with your smartphone. This will convert the documents into digital form. Now you can attach multiple documents to save yourself from the hassle of sending multiple faxes. CocoFax supports all the important formats.

Step 4: after reviewing the fax click on the ‘send’ button.

Once the fax is successfully sent, you will receive a notification on CocoFax dashboard.

Receiving fax via CocoFax dashboard:

People can send you fax on your fax machine. CocoFax receives the fax and if it is in analog form converts it into digital format and sends it to your inbox. You will receive a notification on the CocoFax dashboard too. Also get faxes directly from another computer and there is no need to follow certain steps to read them. You can see them round the clock and you will not miss any fax even if your computer is off.

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Sending fax via email by using CocoFax:

CocoFax has this cool feature of sending fax via email address. So now sending and receiving fax is almost like you used to send and receive email. First of all, you must have a Gmail id and a CocoFax account. After getting a free fax number make sure you enter the fax number you want to use to send and receive the fax from.

 After this process, go to your Gmail account and click on ‘compose new email’ option. Now fill in the mandatory fields but the difference is in ‘to’ field enter fax number not the email id of the recipient. This fax number is followed by ‘’. So if the fax number is 123456 you will enter ‘[email protected]

After attachment of the documents and reviewing you have to click on the ‘send’ button.

 CocoFax receives the fax and translates it into analog signals to send them down the telephone line.

You will receive a notification in your inbox upon successful delivery of fax to the recipient.

You will receive the fax automatically in your inbox without any delay.

Send fax through Google drive by using CocoFax:

How many business professionals prefer to send fax directly through CocoFax. For this you need a CocoFax add-on.

After opening the document on Google drive click on the ‘add on’ option and select the ‘CocoFax add on’. Enter the CocoFax credentials to log in to  CocoFax account. For sending the fax, enter the fax number of the recipient and hit the ‘send’ button.  This will save you from the headache of downloading the document and you can send fax directly from the Google drive.


Among the many online faxing services, CocoFax is the best one to consider. It is safe, convenient and economical. CocoFax has the features to make faxing even more fast and easy. It allows you to fax via email from any gadget.

 You can have your own fax number for free and can send fax via CocoFax dashboard also. Now to meet up with the requirements of businessmen faxing from Google drive is also possible with the help of CocoFax.