Secure your iPhone with New Apple Watch App Lookout

There are many things that are worse than ever. Though you cannot fix or sort out each and everything but there is one thing that you can sort out. A new apple watch app is launched that will add more security to your iPhone connected to it. This news gives us peace of mind that our iPhone has got added security.

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Who is the Developer?

A company named Mobile Security Company Lookout has launched a new Apple watch app which is aimed to add more security to the iPhone. This app also makes it easier to find your iPhone if you lost it.

What’s the principle?

This new Apple watch app acts as the digital connection of your iPhone. It does have some features that will help you track your iPhone when your iPhone goes out of range.

How does it work?

For the first, this app uses the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Apple watch and it measures the distance of your iPhone as per the strength of the signal off, and as the iPhone goes out the range, the app starts buzzing the Apple watch that is strapped to your wrist.

Some More Features

The company has also added some features that will help you a lot when your iPhone is lost or stolen. Even when your iPhone is not connected to the Apple watch, it will show the last location where both iPhone and Apple Watch was connected. If you still find difficulty in finding your iPhone you can use the Scream feature that will scare away the thieves around you.

As you trigger it, the app will command your iPhone to alarm with the huge sound, and that will hopefully help you find your iPhone. This feature is very similar to Find My iPhone app of Apples which also helps you in finding out the lost devices with the aid of alarms. But Apple doesnt offer these services to Apple watch as of now.

Is it really helpful?

This new Apple watch app Lookout is really helpful because you dont have to log into another new device in order to track your lost phone and you it doesn’t require the Apple watch to be actively connected to the scream function as long as you are connected via Wi-Fi. This new apple watch app is available on iTunes with some impressive features that prevent theft.

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